" Play ball !!!"

" Play ball !!!"

Emerald and friends ,

Its 1943 , Joe DiMaggio and America's baseball heroes go off to war ,
and the fairer sex get into the swing of things!

Sporting an all-star " skirts in the dirt " line - up - Geena Davis as the cracker-jack catcher , Lori Petty ,
who's a senation on the pitcher's mound; and Madonna as 'All the way Mae ', the fastet player around the bases - the Rockford Peaches soon prove their curve balls are just as much of a knockout as thier natural attributes.

And controlling the team - but rarely himself - is The Supreme Being as boozing ex-ball player , jjakh ,

A LEAGUE OF THIER OWN is a comic story about taking chances, unlikely friendships and having the time of your life !!!

Approx running time 128 mins

praise the Lord

peace jjakh