!!!!!!!!! P!nk to be a Global Breast Cancer Ambassador !!!!

!!!!!!!!! P!nk to be a Global Breast Cancer Ambassador !!!!

P!nk, whether you realise it or not, you are a huge part of life for millions of women around the world. Your music, and your sheer awesomeness have made their way into the hearts of everyday people, everywhere. When they listen to you, they realise they are not the only ones who feel that way – that they are not alone. You is just like any other woman out there, with the same concerns, same body issues, same guilty feelings, and sometimes feeling that we are just not good enough, and not lovable. Knowing that someone as successful and strong as you, is having those same thoughts, gives us a sense of belonging and a feeling of being normal. You give people the permission to be themselves, whoever that is.

P!nk’s Funhouse tour last year caused absolute chaos all over the world, especially here in Australia, . You spent 4 months here. 650,000 people came to see you in Oz alone. Radio interviews, TV interviews, magazine columns, on Twitter, Facebook. They were hanging on every word you said. You can’t even begin to imagine the impression you left on the hearts of women in Australia, let alone worldwide. You have now finished on a tour of Europe with your Summer Carnival extravaganza, where you are as popular there, as you are in Oz.

I am asking if you would consider being an Ambassador for Breast Cancer Awareness globally? Not only in Australia, but Worldwide. Put you face to the cause. Imagine if all those women all heard you telling them to go and get checked for Breast Cancer. The waiting rooms in all our medical centres all over the globe would be full of life saving checkups. Now that is what I call making a difference. We have plenty of people being “ambassadors” for the cause, and they are doing a fabulous job in the fight to save lives. But we need someone to do something different. Something that will catch the attention of women everywhere. We need someone that will stand up and be heard and make a difference. And with your stage name P!nk fitting in perfectly with the Pink Ribbon theme, it seems to me, to be a match made in history. You will change lives for so many women, maybe even your own. If we do as we always have done, then we will get what we have always gotten. It’s 2010, and we need more. We need you. The women in your family need you, before it's too late.

Long after you have stopped touring and doing concerts and albums, you can be proud to be a part of history. You can stand up and say that you helped cure Breast Cancer. WOW, now that's something to brag about, You, lady, can change the way this story ends. So what do you think, let’s start writing shall we?


Hope to hear your response. The women of the world need you to consider this.

Love Jodie.