P!nk Live Whats your Fav!

P!nk Live Whats your Fav!

Whats your Fav Song that P!nk sings live??

1.Cuz i can


3.Crazy(Gnarls Barkley)

Oh theres loads more i could mention....She sounds brill when she's live!!!

So whats yours??....=) xx

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Just for the purpose of seeing her bad dance moves it has to be leave me alone im lonely first
then bad influence just because it really kicked off the funhouse tour with a bang
finally the medley she does with butch walker (my generation/basket case and roxanne) they really compete with the originals Laughing out loud

I Don't Play Your Rules I Make My Own!

I Don't Play Your Rules I Make My Own!


Really hard to say..
I so love P!nk in live^^

Some of my fav one are
Familly Portrait
Bohemian Rapsody
'Cuz I can
Leave me alone (I'm lonely)

(there's so many!! Sticking out tongue)

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^^Amen, long live to P!NK!!! =D^^
3> love ya'll my 3 VIF <3

I love 1.glitter in the air
2.family portrait
3.bohamien rhapsody

Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air
I'm a winterflower on the ground <3

One of my favorites is my vietnam, specifically this one
i miss how she looked here, i love the tomboyish look but with all the rings and bracelets, and her nails, that's how i get mine done. i also love ho she added "hell nooo" after "never liked school that much" since i also hated school. and the way she screams at "we keep score" just gives me chills, i love how her screams are never muffled out or far away sounding like other singers, not even i her studio versions she's so in your face about it. i don't think anyone's screams sound quite like pink's, they're unmistakable.

I agree with some of your answers. Highway to Hell and Bohemian Rhapsody from the latest tour followed closely by So What... I couldn't stop laughing. From the last tour I think that Coz I Can was brilliant even if I didn't see it live (DVD's are great!). Coz I Can is just so cheeky and immature (without sounding childish) . Love it!

i loved Highway to hell as you could hear her singing but working out where she was..
and straight into Bad influence...

i have got to admit i loved Bohemian Rhapsody.. sany better than Queen

the way she portrayed bohemian rhapsody and crazy was just epic and highway to hell also bad influence was good.

I really love when she sings Just like a pill. But, i like the funhouse tour version since her voice is now more raspy than when missundaztood came out. i also really like trouble the acoustic version, it sounds unreal when you hear it live.

family portrait
and stupid girls Eye-wink

and led zep (babe im gonna leave you )

Funhouse Tour - Funhouse + Glitter In The Air. Also Bohemian Rhapsody - but that's cos she gave me her drumstick during it too, lol
I'm Not Dead - Cuz I Can, Party/Sweet Dreams
2007 Festival Tour - Janie's Got a Gun/Try Too Hard
Try This - God Is A DJ / Oh My God / 18 Wheeler
Missundastood - Janis Joplin medley/18 Wheeler/Numb
I don't play your rules, I make my own

I don't play your rules, I make my own

ohhh I really like Stupid Girls from I'm not dead tour!
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The Led Zep tune from the UK 2009 tour - just unreal! (Was it baby Im gonna leave you?)

My all time fav is 'Who Knew' but to be honest, just hearing Pink sing any tune live is such a treat... i cant choose a favourite.


My favourite is the first live performnce of Please Don't Leave Me Live@Much...It was so unbelievable and poweful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ2bKT2O7lA I couldn't believe my ears when I heard it first. PERFECT.


*FAmily Portrait (from I'm not dead tour)
*highway to hell PERFECT!!
*sobber (funhouse)

Just amazing...
ohhh I really like Stupid Girls from I'm not dead tour!!!!

You Taste So Sweet, But I Can't Eat The Same Thing Everyday * Pink, come to Brazil, PLEASE.... =)

opening was f***in unreal! highway to hell & bad influence, the build up to it had me soo excited i nearly fainted!!
crazy, bohemian rhapsody
well i loved the whole show its hard to pick out a few songs

This one almost made Pink vomit, but everyone else got their Party Started! Eye-wink
- The action starts at 2:30 and the following 1½ minute, but then our Pinky suddenly needs four legs instead of two and decides to take an early leave, but she does wave a proper goodbye to the crowd, like real gentlemen do.

I also like when the crowd are ready to sing along on the brand new songs like here at Wembley on "I'm Not Dead":

Here's an old live favourite. "Unwind" from 2004. A really great song for a live performance, which she, regrettably doesn't do anymore. Beautifully filmed, btw.

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hard to choose but family portrait is really good because she just leans against the piano and sings. it is a really emotional song for me and you can see she still shows the emotion like it is the first time she sang it

This I come home to. This is my shelter. In our family portrait we look pretty happy. lets play pretend. let's act like it comes naturally.

mine is Bohemian Rhapsody! its amazing! 100 x over better than Queen!
who knew
u and ur hand
who started off this forum? all her songs are amazing so they all come really close ! lol

We've got scurvy on Spongebob rules! =D
I love youu P!nk.... I love you too Jakeeyy... (best mates for life)

who knew
u and ur hand
mr president
touch myself (funhouse tour)
so what..

but then again all her songs are bloomin awsome!!!

don't let me get me !!
I love it!!!

Yeah I talk sh*t, just deal with it

U+Ur Hand Laughing out loud
So What
Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
Get the Party Started

Pink does Heartbreaker live?! I'd love to hear that! But sadly i've never attended a show, i just own 2 dvd's.

OMG, difficult to choose! I only see her performing live once...but it was like on big WOOOOW! She's just amazing on stage...the energy, the emotion, the interaction with her audience...Damn, she just blew me away totally! I saw the DVD's now of her live shows...and yeah it's difficult to choose...

Who knew is definitely one of my favourites, so is Family Portrait...and there is I don't believe you...you just got into it, feeling her emotions and she's just getting your emotions out of you...

Leave me alone, I'm lonely is also a good one live...don't know why...but it just makes me happy...

But really I can't choose. I agree to people who say she's even better live than on the CD's. I just love to see her performing.

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

A good live song is one that sounds just as good (or even better) live as it does on the studio recording. The more clean notes a song has, the better it works in a "typical large Pink venue".

Please Don't Leave Me is actually a good example. Just check out the Live@4Music performance on YouTube.
Just Like A Pill is a real classic that has really stood the "test of time".
I'm Not Dead - a personal favourite that also works quite well when performed live.
Unwind - I really love that one on the "Live In Europe" DVD.

There are several other good examples. "Who Knew", "Ave Mary A", "It's All Your Fault", "Sober" and "Glitter in the Air" are also really good choices.

Most of Pink's acoustic performances impress everyone - not just her fans. She definetely knows that, so I guess she will be performing many of them for several decades to come(!)

About the cover songs:
I am quite surpised at how well she performs both Queen and Led Zeppelin, even though nothing compares to her performance of Janis Joplin and Linda Perry's "What's Up". On the other hand, I really don't think that Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" suits Pink's voice...

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Bohemian rapsody I think she is better than Queen
U+Ur hand
Just like a pill
and all what she was singing

Yeah i find i love live more and more i hear her!!

Xxwhat goes around comes aroundxX

Umm "U + UR Hand" & "Just Like A Pill" are two of my faves. But i LOVE all of them Smiling
I love how she sounds the same live as (or even better!) she does on her albums!

Who Knew
Glitter in the air
Janies Got A Gun(aerosmith)
Most Girls
18 Wheeler