Someone please explain this to me

Someone please explain this to me

I dont know where this fits in, how idiotic it is, or anything, BUT PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME THIS.

Why did P!nk and Carey break up? I read in her bio and everything that he "didnt hear the song b4 the video..and he just rolls his eyes..thats how much he trusts and loves me."..or something along the lines of that. Point being is, I don't understand why they split. So please help me out with this.

If it may seem stupid to some of you, sorry being out of the loop.

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Well sometimes people grow apart, they love each other but as friends. Maybe Im wrong, I think only they know this and its there business only.

tonight Ill do what I want coz I can!!

Humans do,As Humans and being an expert on my own experiences,all I can say is that we all sometimes just grow apart and there really doesn't have to be a reason why.This topic doesn't necessary have to deal with just being lovers with someone,but it applies to friendships as well.

We are very complicated ,emotional,and social creatures,who are all in a journey for the truth and we sometimes look upon other peoples experiences for answers and understanding.I believe it's very healthy as long it's not taken to the limit.

PS.I notice that someone made a comment about pink,"doesn't belong to us, we belong to her," Well,I would just like to respectfully addmy opinion on that matter,that no one belongs to anybody.

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Ms_Auntie_Social - I agree. I couldn't have said it any differently. Good Job!

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All coda was asking was why they broke up, thats all, its not about how much we expect her to give us, she made it public, she gave the answer herself here on a uk show....if she didnt want to talk about it i dont think she would do u?
Your opinion at the end of the day
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She told a story about how she spilt a bowl of sweet potatoes on her father in law's head at Thanksgiving last year. It wasn't all a bed of roses between them.

can someone please explain to me why there are 220 images for look-a-likes but i can only view 5 ...

Right...can someone please explain to me why there are 220 images on the look-a-likes page but I can only view 5...

For all Pink has given us, her fans and supporters, do you not think that we owe her to keep this part of her life for herself? She has written songs about her life that we can all relate to one way or another, and those songs have helped most of us through our own times. How much do we expect her to give us? I am a fan. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to her for sharing her amazing talent with the world. They are no longer married, end of chapter. Allow her to keep this for her and not ask questions where the answer is not yours to have. Appreciate all she gives and don't ask for more, please. She doesn't belong to us, we belong to her.

I mean no disrespect to anyone, just voicing my opinion.

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i have a chance with pink woop ive been saying that since they split like but as long as pink happy know i dont care

They have a unique relationship, they still love eachother but in a strange kinda way i guess.
I wish that all break ups could be this sweet, Pink stated in one show here in the uk that she is still friends with Carey because they have shared a connection by being together for many got that bond and it can never be taken away from you even if the break up was bitter or sweet. I get what Pink is u? x

PEOPLE split.
Some because of cheating, some because of the other being annoying, some because of nothing, some because of work, or too much work. people split.
Yes, they look cute together, and yes, a gorgeous couple, but, seriously- so what?
They might get back together, but everyone liking them as a couple, except the drooling monkey-owner, doesn't mean they have no reasons to split.

you know, i don't get it either. i had read that it was their touring schedules that really made it hard for them to vibe and they started growing apart... but no one knows but them.

i really do think they seemed perfect together though.. such a hot couple.

dude, it means I have a chance.....

~ bleh

You could try to send it to her record label...but why be upset about them being friends..they are happy and isn't that what matters...they probably still love each other....:}


Hi lol
and that sucks, it woulda been cool if they stayed together....I want to write P!nk a letter about some s***, and I can't find where to send it to
thanks for the helppp

Acting Makes It So.

I don't know, but they're still friends...

I would like to know that myself but as long as there happy that is all that matters isn't it..Hi by the way...