This Weeks Sermon

This Weeks Sermon

They say it's a thin line between Love and hate , for the last couple of Sermons I've spoke of 'hanuman' , also during past sermons I've spoke of the 'Super-Individual". Lets explore this concept further today. From Budda to Moses , from Siddatha to Ben , the two pillars which hold faith aloft are temptation and forgivness , you don't wanna mess with either. As a question of biology and a reflection of faith - Religions over the ages have from tribal to fuedal , admiralty to presedent had rules , guidlines for our-selves as aware beings to live by and generate faith. The 'Super-Individual' , through actions of biology has forsaken the rules and guidlines . As expressed through ages - of all the Worlds faiths and beliefs an action has stood fast as an essence of them all . A common within these pages of every Holy book since time merorial has been the action of biology that trap's , tangles and imprisiones even the most faithful of all the creeds.

As a concept , the 'Super-Indivdual' truelly see's them-selves as just that an Individual with due warrent over there own biology - as is the body and the short life of the mind(hanuman) , but what for the spark to flame , I think that we as a species with differing beliefs know that the spark to flame is the one thing we carry into ascenion - even to see that the spark to flame carries us rather then the oppisite. To relingish ones spark to flame and allow our personnal trinity to (a) be fragmented via an act of biology and (b) have our spark be extingished prior to the flame is in essence the first stage to the 'Super-Individual'.

The "Super-Individual' via this act of biology may enjoy an uphoria not that dicimialer to the freedom expeirenced when one is allowed the exillaration of one's first social occation out from the home. As for the 'Super-Individual" this uphoria is short lived. As discussed all we have in common as a species as a species globally is our differing cultures and beliefs. Our differences are our common. This fact is reinforced when we see the 'Super-Individual' no longer enjoy there statise as an individual and band together. No more is there expierence of the biology strong enough to hold this short lived uphoria. The banding together is exactly the objective and reflection of the human trinity .

As aware beings we all know and are aware that one cannot go it alone , this simple fact that humans need each other as much as each - other needs humans not so much as we all need each other, but to do it alone with the benifit of the reflection of others as friends and new meetings , the trinity that is an aware human is shattered over the course of a life , if faith in others is shattered and replaced with the simple 'I AM' , On a global scale the faithful enjoy , long since passed , but enjoyed today religious ceraronies , feasts and fast's are celabrated , the maxiumizing of 'Glory' through faith and regicnishion of our all shared trinity. To take one aspect of the trinity and exclude the others is in a sence braking all but one branch off our personnal tree of spiritual life and growth. To see one's trinity regardless of our actions - to prey , find truth and accept all with an open reflective aware trinity is as important as casting a vote in a democracy. If fear and hanuman are the great teachers then the 'Super-Individual" is truelly a juxtaposition , all on this Earth share one thing our individual nature , our faiths are many our beliefs just as . The 'Super-Individual' with its for-saking of the personnal trinity via an act of biology , a situation where the common - our 'Individuallity' is no more . The divine trinity that is an aware human is shattered , smashed and one is left with "hanuman' - being alone is the one thing that aware humans have through the ages not been a party to . To look back into our liniage to stone , even then the common was the community . Super Glory , Super faith , those that have chosen the path of the "Super-Individual' with its short-lived glory have in many respects and in truth left with nothing but ther "hanuman' . As if to blame a faithful man for there action and segregation . All of a sudden as they band together its the faithful that are the reason for there mis-givings.

praise the lord

peace jjakh

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its a long way to the top if ya wanna rock and roll, why is it that people , close people, insist on stealing light and energy that one works so hard to generate. its the f***. yoga as dance if fantastic and truelly liberating to the soul but can be hazar