What's the latest on the Chris Brown thing?

What's the latest on the Chris Brown thing?

Has anyone heard what is the latest on the Chris Brown thing - the thing before the Grammy's?

cant believe it myself
and he seems to really like Rihana too
so dont get it at all


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i assume you know the basics.chris and rihanna were aruging and rihanna threw the keys to his lambo. i think it was, out the car window and chris just lost it. he has been droped from all his tv add's and stuff, he's reelie messed up his career big time. rihannas out of hospital:). chris had hired michael jacksons lawyer i forgot his name. uhmm jay-z is said to be very up-set about it all and its reported he said in an interview that chris brown was a "dead man walking" and "he better watch his back". well thats the latest so far.oh and thare was something about chris's trial sometime this week i duno if thats true because i read someting els that said it would be sometime next month.

sorry about the poor spelling, grammar and wording its 01:10 right now |-) haha
catch man (:

samanthaaaa <3

odd, the Off Topic chat threads in both the official Pink forums here are for anything, and especially anything non Pink related. This is the norm, its nothing new, but perhaps some peeps are new, as it has been this way for a long time at the official Pinkspage forums. So no there is NO such rule at at Pinkspage - none at all and its very much the opposite. It was the major entertainment news story of the past week, and the other large Pinks page forum here has large threads on this same topic.

fair nuff
but still

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.

Yes they sure can, but i dont think the 'P!NK' fourms are the best place to have them.


people can have other interests apart from pink cant they?

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.

Yes really! It's P!nks page not Chris Brown!!!

not really
dont think so
perhaps peeps have missed a few pink forums
and pink forum off-topic areas which are largely non-pink

heaven forbide

na na na na na na na na

Smiling Eye-wink Smiling

idiot tehe Laughing out loud


yep exactly my point

LOL ino, p!nk p!nk p!nk

not chris ... ?

I'm sure there is a whole site on chris Brown, just go check it out and you can talk to people who care about chris brown.

This is for p!nk fans, even if this subject is in the 'Off-Topic' its still a WHOLE site about p!nk.

who cares about chris brown? do you realize that this is a P!NK forum!?