where do u go when u feel sad or blue
where do u go when you are feeling down
where do u go when the door to your home is locked and you have lost the key
where do u go when your own parents disown you
where do u go when you cant see your best friend
where do u go when the person u love the most in the world has no idea how bad u are
where do u go when every1 feels the same way u do

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Hi, check out Allpoetry.com, it's a great community site where you can share poetry Smiling

Another sad poem Punchy mate Sad
I know its not the same as having someone there in person but you know you've got us peeps.
I know you's all make me feel better, hey just laugh at my accent lol, if it makes you smile Smiling
As for your parents mate thats there loss (I know its hard), but they really don't deserve to have you in they're lives anyway hey your better than them Smiling f*** em.

I'm not dead just floating... somewhere in La La Land Smiling
"I Love U twin..." he he he Sticking out tongue