which song hear you at the moment?

which song hear you at the moment?

hi guys,sorry,but i write on in german because my english is not so good^^....
so,hi leute
ich wollt mal wissen,was ihr sonst so für musik hört,außer p!nk natürlich Eye-wink
also ich hör im moment nur diese beiden lieder,sie reißen mich einfach in ihren bann Smiling

einmal ist das the fray-you found me

und dann noch von kings of leon-use somebody

wenn ihr auch grad ein lied habt,das ihr den ganzen tag hört,dann gebt uns den link und wir horchen mal rein Laughing out loud

ok,liebe grüße aus dem norden deutschlands

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@ EuroSiti:
I have heared the musik...the first and the second song...hm..thats not my musik style,but it's ok,I can hear it....the songs relax me =)
yes,and the musik from queen is very cool Eye-wink
~a hello from the north of germany~

Like Carey's girl
I wish that I had Carey's girl
Where can I find her, a woman
Where can I find her, a woman like that?

Swedish The Knife had several, highly original, old school-sounding electro hits. However, this song isn't one of their most famous. It is very melodic, so I guess that's why I can't get it out of my ... skull.
The Knife - Parade

Another immortal classic to me is this melancholic electronic instrumental tune by Vangelis (a Greek) from the all time best sci-fi movie "Blade Runner":
Vangelis - Memories of Green

A finally... The BEST Queen song ever made! Freddie Mercury was indeed the "Mozart of rock" if there ever has been one. This is a rhapsody just like his "Bohemian" one made a year later, so expect several musical changes throughout the song... I don't know if Pink could also copy this one (she did a good job on "Bo Rap")? But this is VERY Freddie, very passionate, very drag queen'ish and an expression of sheer bloody musical genius. For once, the word 'genius' is in fact appropriate in terms of rock music.
Queen - The March Of The Black Queen (sorry 'bout the end cut)

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