Who have you seen live?

Who have you seen live?

Okay i wanna know who you have seen over the years.

Here's my list.

Pink (Twice)



Black Eyed Peas (Twice)

Foo Fighters

Rogue Traders (Twice)

Alicia Keys

Roberta Flack

Operator Please

Avril Lavigne

I'm seeing The Living End in May and then of course Pink again in June

I had tickets last year to see Mary J Blige but she cancelled her show.

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A lot of concerts in this thread:)

I wish I could have saw Elvis or Freddy Mercury live.

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i saw elvis in 1977 in ohio. yeah i love queen and p!nk did a good job covering queen and led zep
the queen cover was better

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

Oh, and I forgot - Madonna, although I forgot to mention her as it was probably not one of the more memorable concerts I've been to.

P!nk's Aussie Hoe

@ Flashmen,

When did you see Elvis? And was he in fact great, even when in his dying years? (From the YouTube videos I've seen, it seems so.)

However, Freddie Mercury (and Queen) is THE one star I wish I'd seen more than anybody else. If you saw Queen 9 times (more than any other band on the list - apart from Pink), I guess you must've had a special interest in Queen as well?

Finally, as a 'concert veteran' who has experienced the real thing, how do you feel about Pink covering Queen and Led Zeppelin?

I yam what I yam...

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lol well im still remembering more, yeah im lucky i know as said before most of the concerts were taped (audio) and i have most of the ticket stubs and programes

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

OMG..Flashmen i think the question for you is who HAVN"T you seen...im sure that would be a much shorter list lol

We're all P!nk on the inside

We're all P!nk on the inside

OMG Flashman! What a fantastic list. Your a very lucky girl. Id be happy if id seen half of them. At least i have seen the most important one twice. I am so hanging out for P!nks dvd to come out.

Missy xx

I cant help it, I like to party

Missy xx

thankx that was me in my younger days my daughter has the same tat as me

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

P!NK - 7 times
Rogue Traders
Culture Club - 2 times
Kylie Minogue - 3 times
Village People
Alaniss Morrisette
Bon Jovi
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Neil Diamond (I took mum)
Billy Joel
Eric Clapton
Seeing AC/DC in Feb 2010

P!nk's Aussie Hoe

holy hell! that list is insane flashmen!
and so is ur display pic!! HOOOOOOTTT!!!!!!
iv only seen p!nk
4 times now
wish it was more Sad

p!nk rocks my socks!!!! and my jocks!!!!
my little red engine says: i think i can... i think i can!!!

p!nk rocks my socks!!!! and my jocks!!!!
my little red engine says: i think i can... i think i can!!!

most concerts were overseas due to my parents work we lived in europe and the states for most of my life. i still do the odd concert overseas.finally why did i fall for p!nk ,lol well after alll she is the one, i remember seeing her at the rumba festival, my hubby and i met her and i was so blown away by how NICE and friendly she is.i thought then with that voice and ur attitude ur gonna go far.
ha ha the beatles they stayed at my dads hotel, but im not into them.most of the concerts ive been to have been recorded on audio tape so its a good reminder.Smiling :)

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

I think we have a 'winner' here, Flashmen!
What an 'arsenal of memories': Queen 9 times, Michael Jackson 5 times, Led Zeppelin 4 times, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elvis Presley, Ramones, Ike & Tina Turner... It seems that The Beatles are just about the only band you've missed?!

I guess you earliest live experiences with the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple dates back to their 'golden era'...? (How many of these concerts were in Australia, btw.?)

And finally, what made you fall for Pink (11 times)?

I yam what I yam...

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p!nk 11 times
led zep 4 times
alice cooper 7 times
kiss 6 times
rolling stones 5 times
marilyn manson 4 times
kd lang twice
michael jackson 5 times
thin lizzy 3 times
robin trower twice
johnny winter once
james taylor 3 times
dire straits 4 times
avril lavigne 12 times
chris issack twice
deep purple 3 times
rainbow 5 times
ricky martin 3 times
10 cc once
roxy music once
jeff beck once
eric clapton 4 times
the who 5 times
culture club once
joan jett and the black hearts 3 times
tom petty and the heartbreakers 4 times
jimi hendrix once
elton john 3 times
rod stewart twice
simon and garfuncle twice
robbie williams twice
neil diamond once
jackson browne twice
the runaways 4 times
blondie once
the ramones 6 times
frank sinatra 7 times
elvis once
michael buble twice
bruce springsteen 9 times
zztop twice
acdc 15 times
aerosmith 7 times
joan armatrading 5 times
the bangles once
prince once
jeff beck 5 times
pat benatar once
boston once
david bowie 3 times
chicago once
tracy chapman once
joe cocker 3 times
bad company once
the damned once
the new york dolls 3 times
bob dylan twice
the eagles twice
foghat once
foreigner 4 times
iggy pop 3 times
peter frampton twice
pink floyd 5 times
genesis once
van halen 3 times
heart 12 times
uriah heep once
kansas once the kinks twice
leo kottke once
cindi lauper twice
alvin lee once
meat loaf 3 times
don mclean 3 times
fleetwood mac twice
bette midler once
steve miller twice
ted nugent 10 times
daryl hall and john oats 4 times
bachman turner overdrive 6 times
judas priest once
ufo once
dory previn 5 times
beth hart 3 times
butch walker 8 times
suzi quatro 6 times
queen 9 times
grand funk railroad once
lou reed twice
rush 4 times
styx 3 times
black sabbath 3 times
leo sayer once
michael schenker once
scorpions 6 times
bob seger 4 times
lynyrd skynyrd twice
slade 3 times
patti smith once
status quo 3 times
reo speedwagon 5 times
cheap trick twice
rick wakeman once
ike and tina turner 4 times
tina turner 4 times
jethro tull once
whitesnake twice
wings once
neil young once
eddie money once

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

I haven't seen nearly as much as a lot of you guys but here goes:

Pink (three times)
Missy Higgins
Dixie Chicks (twice)
Toni Collette and The Finish

Some people might not know who Missy Higgins is, but I fully recommend that you have a listen to her, she is an Aussie artist who writes all her own music... she is great! google her!!!

p!nk - 8 times this year
miley cyrus in december Smiling
katy perry on august 26th
kelly clarkson - feb 06

Pink, been once and going again twice in October Smiling
Fallout Boy
p****cat Dolls
Girls Aloud
And going to see Lily Allen in November too!

Leanne x

Tempe Music Festival 08 ~ My Chemical Romance, Gin Blossoms, Goo-Goo Dolls, & Fergie
((didnt pay to get in...stayed around the right side of the canal & on the bridge looking down.
sure is strange watching people eat hot dogs at times as you zone out. Thanks Full Throttle for the free long cans. still wondering who that lady was with two friends that told me to jump.))

Kool & the Gang

PHX Cactus Comic Con 08 ~ ((Did Event Security there))



Rob Zombie - Sturgis 05 ((Think that was them staying at the College Inn ((NAU)) in Rapid City, SD. For they came down to the lounge area while I was sitting with a friend of mine Azizz from Saudi Arabia at the computer area in the dorms.)) Would have gone to the actual concert yet had to work at the Dahl Art Center.

Saturday Night Country Live in Mt. Iron, MN. ~ Local area bands helping out area schools for a good cause.

Sweet Cheeks Bubble I cious. How have you been_ You been here long... how does it feel_ My Song Tribute to the Mentally Retarded
The Chorus beat goes: Duh duh duh duh duh
Now the title is about helping them to laugh at other people. About dem der prob

Went to Rockalonga a few times, bit of a blur. i remember INXS.
BON JOVI Aerosmith Guns N Roses Kylie P!nk in july & again in august AC/DC in feb Oh yeah, also took my little boy to see the Wiggles Smiling Taking my youngest son to see them in dec. That should be fun! Smiling -
Missy xx

Missy xx

it is my new list Smiling
P!nk (1x) and I am going again this november ....I can´t wait
The Killers
The Rasmus (3x)
Kaiser CHiefs
Kylie Minogue
Simple plan
Avril Lavigne
Arctic Monkeys
The Kooks
Bloc Party
The Offspring
The Hives
Walls of Jericho
Sick of it all
................and a lot of czech bands but they are known just here



pink x2
chris brown and rihanna
robbie williams

just relised i saw pink also in a gig in g-a-y soho so taht makes her 3x



pink x2
grace jones
tina turner (the same one pink went to at the o2 hehehe)
beyonce x3
christina agular x2
madonna x2
black eye peas
sum 41
kelly osbourne
east 17
spice girls x3
girls aloud
geri halliwell
beverley knight
kelly clarkson
rod stewert
lady sov
kelly rowland
theres been more but i cant rember all of them



ok im going by music concerts only..

p!nk X 8

simple plan X 2

all american rejects X2

fall out boy

avril lavigne

green day

blink 182


i went to a festival called rumba in 2001 (ish) and there were a whole heap of artists there, the only one that i remember now was p!nk but i included that in the 8 times ive seen her (or will have seen her by the time the aus funhouse tour is over)

there are some more but it's been too long and i was too drunk when i saw them lol

do you even know who you are - a borrowed dream or a superstar?

do you even know who you are - a borrowed dream or a superstar?

Geezuz...someone likes concerts.

I thouhgt I'd been to a lot. lol

R I P Michael Jackson. King Of Pop

We're all P!nk on the inside

Oh this is going to be a huge list, haha...

All That Remains
Amon Amarth
As I Lay Dying
Behemoth x2
The Black Dahlia Murder x2
Cannibal Corpse
Cephalic Carnage
Children Of Bodom x2
Dark Tranquillity
Devildriver x2
Divine Heresy
Dying Fetus
Evanescence x3
The Faceless
Fear Factory
In Flames x2
Killswitch Engage
Lacuna Coil
Lamb Of God
Leaves' Eyes
Nightwish x2
Opeth x2
Ozzy Osbourne
P!nk x3 (So far)
Psycroptic x6
Satyricon x2
Still Remains
Virgin Black

red hot chili peppers
smashing pumpkins
chris brown and rihanna
going to beyonce
am really curious about britney spears concert she is selling out heaps of shows here in aus

I've seen Tesla, Queensryche and Electric Love Hogs. I can't remember much of any of them I was so wasted. When I see Pink I will be Sober Smiling

I have seen...

Bon Jovi
The Game
and next year going to see AC/DC

The other night in NYC I saw Trouble Andrew with Santigold.

he was soooooooo good

have you guys checked him out yet??


i wish he would open for p!nk

Well i've only ever been to 1 concert so far, have never had the opportunity to go, or anyone to go with, but my 1st was of course P!nk in April, and i'll be going to see her twice more in October I CANT WAIT

I did enter mine before but i need to add some
Jonas Brothers
The Saturdays
S club 7
S club junior/8

Joe, nick, kev ♥

Joe, nick, kev ♥

@andrada you saw the game!! cool

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

so britney spears is bringing her circus tour to australia im not a huige fan of hers but am curious to see what her concert would be like and she is even coming to perth anyone on here seen her concert or is going to go

P!Nk twice
The Game


My list ... it so long...
S Club7
Jonas Brothers
There i'm exusted goiing to sleep!! lol
Joe, nick, kev ♥

Joe, nick, kev ♥

Ive seen
AC/DC & going again in next year
P!nk twice & going twice this year yay!!!!!!!!
Def Leppard

okay im only 16 so the list is short..very short. but kinda cool
The Sawdoctors- got in on the guest list, oh yeah im cool... haha only joking my uncle knows them.

The Coronas- Sound lads, met them after show. supposed to interview them for our radio programme but they hadn't any time.

PINK!!!- okay i didnt get in on the guest list or get to meet her but im going again in october.. WOHOOO

My first ever gig was The Carpenters at the Royal Festival Hall, London in 1970!

just P!nk on 25th april manchester and going to see her again december 13

This I come home to. This is my shelter. In our family portrait we look pretty happy. lets play pretend. let's act like it comes naturally.

Green Day
Jimmy Eat World
Jesse McCartney
Click 5
Coheed and Cambria
The Academy Is...
Motion City Soundtrack
The Pink Spiders
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Senses Fail
The Explosion
The Static Age
Killswitch Engage
Cute is What We Aim For
The Rocket Summer
Escape The Fate
Blaqk Audio
The Used (3 times)
Three Days Grace
Breaking Benjamin
Street Drum Corps
Lights Resolve
Army of Me
Straylight Run
Duran Duran
Your Vegas
Sum 41
No Doubt
Taking Back Sunday
The Ataris
Wicker Hollow
Ultraviolet Sound

And seeing Pink in October! =) (Side note: Most of the bands on there are from big festivals like Warped Tour/ Bamboozle... the rest are regular concerts.)

who have i seen live? can i remember.

uriah heep, hawkwind, bruce d***enson, saxon, enuff znuff, jackyl, dream theater, kix, poison, warrant, slaughter, cheap trick, kings x, cinderella, zztop, sammy haggar, david lee roth, lynnyrd skynnyrd, areosmith, kiss, janes addiction, james taylor, moody blues, justin hayward, ozzfest, alabama, paul simon, brian wilson, ozric tentacles, lenny kravitz, liquid soul, maggie sansone, everly brothers, mannheim steamroller, ginuwine, david hollister, face to face, stevie nicks, mick fleetwood, styx, bad company, roger waters, peter serkin, brooks and dunn, toby keith, king diamond/merciful fate, dio, robin trower, peter frampton,.............

i guess since august 1994 i have seen a few.

Hi All, Ive seen:

P!nk (ofcoz)
Bette Midler
Kelly Clarkson
Avril Lavigne
Alecia Keys
Rogue Traders
Black eyed peas

Im sure theres a few missing there but u get the drift & as you can see my taste varies lmao

hi guys ..... only joined up yesterday... just wanted to let you know who i've been to see ........

when i was younger .... (please dont hold this against me!!)

boyzone (twice)
wet wet wet (twice)
take that
duran duran
human league

more recently ........

red hot chili peppers (twice)
foo fighters
electric 6
kings of leon
queen of the stone age
p j harvey
and last but by no means least ...... just booked last two tickets for nottingham arena to go see P!nk ......... whhhoooooo hoooooooooo

Lets see here.

-Lenny Kravitz
-Papa Roach
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Machine Head
-Black Tide

Going to see
-Marilyn Manson
-Bullet for my Valentine
-Motley Crue
But of course I am most looking forward to seeing P!nk.
Laughing out loud

Oh. Fair enough

We're all P!nk on the inside

I was in the US at the time lol Laughing out loud
And cause i didn't want to go by myself lol, yeah well it would have kind of been a little awarkward, but yeahh
cause i was just over there at the time, it seemed like a good idea, because she hadn't been here in Oz for ages, and my mum at the time, was a big fan, now ive introduced her to p!nk Laughing out loud

"Then i went to go to madonna"

uummm the last time Madonna toured Australia was 1993. aren't you only 12?

We're all P!nk on the inside

i can add P!nk to my list now Laughing out loud

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

I was meant to see
P!nk last time but had an accident.
Then a year or 2 before i was meant to go to the Gwen Stefani Concert, but couldn't, sold out.
Then i went to go to madonna, but couldn't because there was only 1 ticket left for a good spot, and i didn't want to go myself.
So believe it or not...
Laughing out loud

Love concerts. My personal faves are:
Madonna (been 8 times)
Annie Lennox
Gwen Stefani

Going to see Pink another three times this tour, roll on October!!!