Try This

Try This

I'm sure most people on the forum are die-hard P!nk fans....
When Try This first came out, I liked it. I've always liked it. But recently, I've re-discovered it. I think you all know what I mean. I don't know if it's because I'm at a different point in my life, and the songs mean something different to me, but I can't stop listening to it.
I love everything about P!nk. She's an amazing artist. But something about this album just really strikes a chord with me.
I listened to Funhouse today, about 10 times. Something about it is striking me in the same way. Lyrically, there are so many amazing tracks that people don't ever hear.
I don't know how many of you are as obssesed as I am, but if you don't know the history of Try This, you should check it out. How the record came about, etc. In fact, there's a lot of great history behind a lot her tracks and albums...if you don't know, you should Smiling

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I know what you mean, theres some song for every mood Smiling

Off that album i really love..
Try to Hard
God is a Dj, and thats bout all i can think of atm Smiling

Theere will be more later x:)

I love all her albums.
For me, "Trouble" was the first song I heard her voice! Once I have heard her song, I like her.
Trouble is still the one I like the most! I can't stop listening to her songs everyday.
I love all her songs.
Now, I have 86 P!nk songs! How about you?
Please let me know how many songs I am missing!

I'm listening to 'If God Is A DJ' (remixes) on my Ipod right now. I've mentioned it before on other forum topics that Try This is my favourite P!nk album. It might not have the production of Funhouse, but the songs just grab you. It is as self-exposing emotionally as Missundaztood and Funhouse, but has more of a rock edge. It must also be a favourite of P!nk because she still sings some of the songs on stage. I personally love Waiting For Love and Trouble. Unwind is the perfect Janice tribute "somebody Southern Comfort Me . . " And Oh My God is just, . . . . OMG.

Like the rest of you, I don't understand why this album did not have the commercial success of the others, but it probably all comes down to the record industry itself. Record companies actually pay radio stations to play their songs, and if the A&E people didn't put the money and effort into promoting the album, it never stood a chance. Luckily, we're not fooled and bought the record anyway and play it over and over and over again.

Please P!nk, if you read this, on July 14 or 29 sing Waiting For Love for me.


Are you hiding in the closet
Are you underneath the bed
Did you go for a long walk off a short pier
How come you're not here!

I Love God Is A DJ, Trouble & Feel Good Time Off This Album Best Which Is Very Predictable As they Were Like the Only Singles Off It :L

Lifes a b**** just deal with it .... P!nk inspires me and the world should be a little more open to being inspired.

Geez, how I love that song!


love is the rhythm/ you are the music/ you get what you're given/ it's all how you use it....

♫God is a DJ lalalala♫.

actually i like all her albums but try this is the best xD.

I just love this album the more I talk a bout it.

In fact i might listen to it tonight when i get home from work

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You hit the spot, Amoorerocks.

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Aaw thanks blackrosefore.

*goes and adds blackrosefore*

Try this for me is also the Unltimate personality repesents everything that is genuinly "Cool" about Pink.

I think it's when we officially metthe real Pink, when she fully opened up and let us see who she was.

With Mis we saw the mature, and passionate songwriter and vocalist but with Try This it was the first glipse of the "I don't give a f***" Pink...the real Pink...

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I LOVE Try way or another I'm now discovering songs I didn't notice before...big shame on me *blushing*.

Great songs with great lyrics and that F**ck you all mentality. I don't get it why it wasn't a success anyway...the two songs which were really successful here, were God is a DJ and Trouble. But there are so many good songs on the album.

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

I'm adding ya to my buddies list, amoorerocks. Add me, (if ya don't mind). Eye-wink


P.S. (You're almost always the first to answer my posts, so I'm extending the gesture).

love is the rhythm/ you are the music/ you get what you're given/ it's all how you use it....

I agree.

I think she really trod carefully with all her albums.

With Try This she really let rip and it was a great result.

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Try This (my favorite of all of Pink's albums) proved that not only could music be message driven, but it could also kick **s while making the point. I've never understood why they refer to it as her "stumble." I mean, I'm Not Dead and Missundaztood were both great albums, but they were more or less defined by Pink holding herself at a distance... and being cautious. Not that caution in the music world isn't valued, but hey, when Pink lets it rip it's seriously fun! And I mean that in a good way.... She's been through some rough knocks lately, but ( as Funhouse has proved) she's strong enough to stick it out and rise again. I hope she'll do more edgy stuff. I know she's got younger fans though, and that factors into the equation.Eye-wink


love is the rhythm/ you are the music/ you get what you're given/ it's all how you use it....

For me, Try This is when the "Real Pink" fully came out of her shell.

Missundaztood was musically great but she was still findinh her feat.

Try this says "Hey I'm Pink. I don't give a f*** what you say about me. I'm hear and i' m sure as hell not going anywhere so get used to it."

From then on, That is the way i have always seen Pink. It was a real "Attitude Album"

I love it.!!

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Try This is an awesome cd and it doesn't seem to get the credit it deserves. Some of my favorite P!nk songs are on the Try This cd....Love Song, Oh My God, Walk Away, Last to Know. I have never heard P!nk sing anything I didn't like. P!nk rocks. P!nk, thank you so much for sharing your songs and yourself with us. We love you....really.

Laughing out loud Indeed.

"Underneath the ink of my tattoo, I've tried to hide my scars from you"

"Try This is such a sexy album. Vocally, lyrics, attitude. WOW! It is extremely underrated!"

I'll second that by saying, the most underrated album of the last 10 years,...and one of the best.

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There are boxed sets on and I want them so badly. I've only seen concerts via you tube and it's be so nice just to not have sh!t censored and watching P!nk be P!nk is just the best!

She's so very near and dear to me. I just recently went through a very hard time, and was so ready to give up on life. She (her music) hugged me, when I needed it the most. For every song she has there's one lyric that sticks out for me. One that means something, that's hit close to home. Ones that make me cry, others that make me go "". I just can't choose one.

I am normally the guy that flips through tracks or skips ones, with P!nk I have never done that. I have listened and still listen to all her Cd's front to back, back to front. She's an amazing woman! I can't help but to love her and love everything about her no matter what it is.

She's touched my soul.

PS: Try This is such a sexy album. Vocally, lyrics, attitude. WOW! It is extremely underrated!

"Underneath the ink of my tattoo, I've tried to hide my scars from you"

Try this is my favorite Pink album. Also the first time she had the grungier vocals

"Waiting for Love", which I'm still waiting for in a live performance."

Same here.

It would be an amazing song live.

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"Try This" is a very consistent album. It has really strong and well-written lyrics on most tracks - even on the less popular ones such as "Tonight's the Night" and "Humble Neighborhoods" ("... if we die, it won't be from boredom..."). The cover photo (shall we call it "Pink the Party Monster"?) elegantly depicts the lustful-agressive atmosphere/mood of the album.

Apart from that, "Try This" has some simple, but wholemade melodic rock tunes such as "Save My Life", "Walk Away" and one of my all-time favourites "Waiting for Love", which I'm still waiting for in a live performance.

The only really regrettable thing about "Try This" in my opinion, is that the 6½ minute blues rock track "Free" didn't make its way to the album. I'd love to hear more like that from P!nk. If Led Zeppelin can't talk Robert Plant into touring with Zep again, then WHO are they gonna call...?

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i know exactly what you mean about rediscovering songs.
i first heard pink many years ago but i rediscovered her and really started being a fan last year when i heard so what.

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.

I don't think it was as "Radio Friendly" or a universally appealing as Missundaztood.

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I have been listening to it non stop also ~~~ How do I feel this good Sober? ~~~

Try This has always struck that chord with me. I love the party stuff ´Tonight´s the Night´ and the sexually raw ´Oh My God´ and the meaningful stuff ´Save My Life´...the albumdoesnt have a single down fall... i never understood why it didnt follow the success of Missundaztood. It was a pumping album.

Don´t try to deny...i am the Number 1 P!nk fan. I was her before ya´ll even knew who P!nk was!

Peace out homeys and homos

I just think it showcases all here talents to the max.

The vocals, the lyrics, the music.

It's all amazing.

Easily one of the best albums of the last decade.

We're all P!nk on the inside

Oh, I'm glad someone has finally discovered why I prefer "Try This." Try This is my favorite Pink album. Funhouse is now my second favorite. Why? These two albums are darker and edgier. Pink's other albums are a light and enjoyable ride, but altogether, Try This and Funhouse have more substance. They are (on the whole) more message driven. It's nice when a Pink song kicks some a** while relaying a theme. Plus, I like my songs with a little bite.... Sticking out tongue


love is the rhythm/ you are the music/ you get what you're given/ it's all how you use it....

Try This has alays been my favorite album of Pink's. Extremely underated.

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