Ey Pink when do you come to sweden! I would love to se you live! Or what do you swden pople say?
No i cant spell on english Eye-wink

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Please Pink.. come and visit us... =(

im not scared, just changing.

Vi är två från Sjöbo (Skåne) som mycket troligt kommer åka till Berlin för att se Pink. Vi skulle egentligen se henne i Hamburg men biljetterna tog slut idag Sad Nu ska vi bara kolla med semester från jobb sen bokar vi biljetter till Berlin. Hur tar ni er dit? Hur ska ni bo? Vi tänkte bila ner iaf. Ska inom Bordershopen på hemvägen och fylla bilen Smiling

She should come to Sweden, or Norway, or Denmark.
Man I want to go to a concert.

I sit here infront of my computer and hope that maybe, Maybe she will come to sweden anyway? Laughing out loud Maybe it doesn't come up yet, maybe later? Laughing out loud


i might be going to berlin concert! Laughing out loud


Im going to the concert in Berlin, anyone else from sweden?

Jag ska på konserten i berlin , nån mer från sverige?

Any nice ppl in berlin that wants to meet up with pinkfan(s) from sweden?

Love make the world spinn

Oh Come on! I Know Pink isn't that big in Sweden, but the're aren't that many artists that fill Globen in Stockholm (accept the bad ones)...

But now, after the sucsess of So What... She has to come! (I promise I won't come alone this time). Don't give up on us Swedes, 5000 is better than none?

P!nk rocks live!

Lucky me I guess I'm the chosen one

I can understand why she doesn't come to Sweden this time(at least not for a concert).

I been to three concers with her, 2 in stockholm and one on a music-festival i Sundsvall.
And both times in sthlm it was less than 5000 tickets sold....But I really think she should come to Copenhagen, so we don't have to travel so far to see her!

Love make the world spinn

Yes, absolutelty... Come to Sweden again. I've seen you twice and it would be awesome to see you a third time.