was pink drunk on divas 2 ?

was pink drunk on divas 2 ?

now dont get me wrong people i absolutley adore pink, have been to see her many times and completly agree with everything she beleives in and stands for, but i was shocked to say the least at her performance on divas 2 on itv1, she completly did not connect with the audience looked like she was very unsteady on her feet also.Which begs the question...was she drunk...i also understand the whole rock star thing but considering this was for breast cancer i thought maybe a little more consideration would of been in order.
I thought this was totaly out of character for pink.

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we all get drunk.....lol.....actually im quite drunk now hence being awake at 3 in the morning..... she might av just enjoyed a nice couple glasses o wine......lol..i once was in a play and went on stage drunk and im telling you.......was the best show i av ever done...lol....seriously funny and everyone loved it. Laughing out loud

I for 1 thinks it bout time she had a little fun, so if she was pissed...she was pissed!!!!! We do it all the time dont we?? So what!! Is not as if she went n did an Amywinehouse on us, u go girl!!!!

"its just u + ur hand tonight"

She dident slur her words or so but i bet she was i little bit tipsy.
But why not =)

To clairemac:

Who really knows,I read that somewhere else,where they made a comment similar to yours,but from what I can tell she didn't slur her words or forget her lyrics.To me at least,I don't think she was drunk,but at the end of the song she did say she was tired,so maybe that was it....all this flying...jet lag is a b****! But hey,we are all adults here and entitled to our point of views and opinions...it would be boring in here,if people thought,shared,the same points of views or ideas.. peace friend!

Sometimes the best thing you can do,is to live one day at a time.

Come on! i watched and fault she rocked too me she looked like she was having one hell of a time and boy if she didn't connect with the audience she did it for everyone who was there did u see the way the reacted to her !