Desert & The Curse of Love

Desert & The Curse of Love


...and in her eyes
a desert hides
lonely inside
she dreams
with eyes wide open

...wish she could know
all the indifference it takes
to be by her side
the emptiness it brings
to leave her...
and to love
a shadow
she leaves behind

...and in her eyes
two worlds collide
heaven and hell
both I can see

...wish she could dare
my thoughts and words
or just be
a fallen memory
of a desert
I dare not walk through

...and in her eyes
betrayal and denial
she spills her soul
upon me
as the sand
hurts my skin

..wish she could stay
but the deserts are wild
changing shapes silently
as I'm walking
to the deepest grave
of all

The Curse of Love

The Gods know...
but they keep quiet
They know just in how many worlds
I searched to find you
... but you've hidden
my hands in blood search my mind
but I can't remember the day it happened
My thoughts, they won't leave
My thoughts, they hurt
The Gods keep quiet...
they give and take...
my violent self-exploding moments
express love in all the ancient ways
The Gods, they know...
they forbid...
I met you in the darkest place
I met you and forgot...
just how deep I could fall
and how bright my eyes shine in grief...
and Gods, they have needles
sewing you to my skin
from deep within...
the pain comes with
my untamed sentences...
the pain comes when you speak.
The Gods...
they said I should forget
but I just can't let you go...
It's the curse of love...
I just keep looking back...