any news about vegas??

any news about vegas??

i want to know everything about it!! Sticking out tongue Laughing out loud

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i from the old forum just checking back on the forum i started on! Smiling i just got activated fully about a month ago! it took like 2 months to post but you can still register and read & see pics! so if your curious do so! the emails that don't work are : aol, yahoo, google, hotmail ! try, aim works also for old skool! check back with you guys! xoxo

P!NK ROCKS !!!!!

I wish i was there... it must have been pretty bazare, them both being there, but still good!
I love how she will still hang out with him, shows "tru Luv"

X Ali X
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hey guys=)
unfortunatelly i can't register on the old forum so could anybody please post those pics there?=))

for those who say that p!nk and carey wouldn't look happy togehter;-)
thx Smiling

Thanks midori for that post! Saw some of your youtube videos, looks like it was a blast. I am sad I missed it. Bummed about the forums down, cant wait for them to be up again and thanks for the videos, cant wait to see more!!

Im bummed The other forum is down It shut down in the middle of me trying to post videos last night so I gave up and went to bed. Those links are some of the ones I got posted. BTW that people article is not true from what I could tell. Yes he escorted her to the stage, they did a countdown ( 1 minute late) and then they Did infact share a happy new years kiss(the article was wrong) , and she did go back to the VIP booths with him and friends and it was hard to see her but I did see them talking...but I only stayed about 30 minutes after the concert was over so I dont know what went on after I left. It was very fun and she was awesome!

Silvestr s P!nk!

Jak víte, P!nk byla na Silvestra v Careyho klubu a spolu s ním a s návštěvníky vítala Nový rok. A já vám řeknu jak:)

P!nk přišla na pódium chvilinku před dvanáctou hodinou, aby zahájila odpočítávání. Nemohl při tom samozřejmě chybět Carey. A jak tak P!nk odpočítávala a odpočítávala, Carey zjistil, že je o minutu pozadu. Takže klub Wasted Space měl Silvestr o minutu později. Ale tak komu se to někdy nestalo, že jo. Otevřelo se šampaňský, stříkalo se jím, no prostě Silvestr jak má být. P!nk a Carey se o půlnoci nezapomněli políbit:) Potom Carey odešel z pódia, P!nk se zeptala lidí, jestli jsou připraveni a pak začal koncert.


Get The Party Started
One Foot Wrong
Leave Me Alone
Who Knew
So What
I Don't Believe You

Při písničce So What stál Carey nedaleko a P!nk se na něj během písně skoro pořád koukala:)

No musel to nejt nářez:)

Btw. je vám někomu tak blbě jako mně?Laughing out loud

=/ could someone translate this?=))^^

thank you!! Laughing out loud

Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to bring us together... Sometimes, it just takes music...♫,,20249830,00.html

thanx!! Laughing out loud:D

Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to bring us together... Sometimes, it just takes music...♫

just found these vids!