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Eduardo Galon Pink 2 años ago

his voice is revolution

Eduardo Galon Pink 2 años ago

I love your songs I love the way I love your look
I love to hear your sweet voice I love knowing that you are well.
the only thing I do not love your husband he spoils you

chiropractordr 3 años ago

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PinkyPunks 3 años ago

Wow.... was für eine super Frau - ich finde, Pink hat eine super erotische Ausstrahlung. Aber es ist nicht nur die gewisse Eroitk, die diese Frau hat. Ich finde sie kann auch super singen und ihre Auftritte - naja die sind teilweise etwas übertrieben und haben teilweise was, als wären sie aus einem Porno abgeschaut. Aber ganz egal. Pink ist eine meiner lieblings Sängerinen und mit Sicherheit eine der ganz wenigen Frauen, mit denen ich mich ohne nachzudengen auf einen geilen Flirt oder sogar auf einen Seitensprung einlassen würde - mir ist natürlich klar, das dies nie passieren würd.

Aunu1 3 años ago

HOT, just plain Hot. I remember looking like that once upon a time.

maiasmith 4 años ago

She is looking beautiful and stylish. Her dress is fantastic the color of dress is my favorite color. If i will get I will buy it. Her hairs are nice.

takaban 4 años ago


MichaelYuri 4 años ago

She have a good team in every performance that she have done. They always work together and they do that because they respect her. One of the team member said that she is really nice to all of them Master Turismo

LastyFemme 4 años ago

This is a good outfit and i think she look fabolous in that outfit. She always have a good outfit in every concert that she held. She have a team that taking care of all the outfit that she will wear in that concert. Herbal Supplements

rekaliuma 4 años ago

I wonder if she have a perfume too. I know she must mnake a good perfume and it will smells good. In my coubntry there are only one woman that do that. Coz as you know, that is not easy to find a good company to work together in making of your perfume. Jogos Online

dm 4 años ago

applause! Its look a great singer...It's really good to read this post.

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CommyPon 4 años ago

All that tattoo that she have have a meaning. She told that in her press conference when someone ask something bout that. I think that tatoo have their own history and story in her life.

andrea01 4 años ago

This site is fantastic Bad Credit Lenders.. I am a big fan of Pink..You rock! Smiling Thanks for sharing!

TrullyMadly 4 años ago

Thar outfit really fit her colour. Its really match coz she have a bright skin colour. With this skin tone, she will look great wear any kind of clothes. And in this official photo she is look fabolous. Best Online Slots

bancs 4 años ago

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DollaCess 4 años ago

She will sing several song from her latestalbum and a few song from her album before. We can know that from the tickets that we have in her next concert. After that she will be choose ramdomly the lucky fans that will go out with her. Comcast Deals

TimothyLav 4 años ago

That outfit is good. I remember before this, she wear that outfit too. In a different concert in other state. She really like that outfit i think. She told that in the end of her concert. wooden puzzles

VickyZuu 4 años ago

She is very potential in making a good music. A lot of singer work together with her in her music. They really know that if they work together with her, people will like their music too. garage doors

Donut16 4 años ago

She always have a great performance at stage. Beside that she can make a good communication with all her friends in the stage. That is why everytime she make a concert, the tickets always sold out. organic acai

meagain 4 años ago

I remember Pink being an R&B singer and then totally went in the opposite direction to punk/rock. Still love her music though. She's great stop puppy barking.

mandywebs 4 años ago

I like her in this photo. She always put on a good make up and still looks natural. You knoe that there is a celebrity that put on a heavy make up, i think she wear a mask in her face. She have a good taste too in fashion. Website Design

Jeloglow 4 años ago

This official fanclub give me something that i really want. I can have her picture in the red carpet from a music awards several years ago. I really like her in that dress at that time. full color printing

RichiePonary 4 años ago

I like her for her. She is always try to be herself in every condition. I know that she is really down since that her divorce, but still you can see her smile and wont let her fans see her cry. painters

FelishaRusty 4 años ago

As a woman too, i like her so much. She is independent and really know what she want to do. Not many woman that have this attitude and this is one of many reason that i have to like her. valet parking gatwick

bonynerla 4 años ago

Every song that she wrote and sing must be good. Not every song is written by her, but she always want to take a part in her album. She want to make a good ones for all of her fans. Colorado Bail Bonds

PollyRight 4 años ago

Red outfit is really fit her. She do have an outfit with a different colour. But the most perfect colour for her is red and black. She will look sexy with that and she can use that colour in every occasion. lingerie store

dennyrika 4 años ago

Good thing bout her thst she always look happy in front of her fans. She never look sad even in the inside maybe she want to cry. She is very proffesional. credit starting

Twistdy 4 años ago

Her selection in clothes maybe weird to some people. But she is a star, she needs people to pay attention to everything that she have done. She live with all that attention in her carrerr. Twitter followers

LunaChan 4 años ago

The good thing bout her is that she always go out by herself. She dont need any bodyguard. This make her feel comfort with her fans we just want to make a good picture with her, not to bother her. Internet marketing agency

pastolet 4 años ago

Every singer have their own style. That style we get since we are kids and its develope with our age and with all the people around us. I like her for that. I like everyone who created her own style. design agency manchester

diablo3 4 años ago

she is sexy with really good skills

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michaels.rutherford 4 años ago

I must say that overall I am very taken with this site. It is apparent that you know you subject matter and you are passionate about it. I wish I had got your ability to write. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to more updates.

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mikomojo 4 años ago

She is a good woman with a good music and a perfect talent. She got it all. All the people around her really help her thru that hard times in her life. long island cabinets

0Jenny0B 4 años ago

I really like her spunk. Plus, she can actually sing. That is the nice part. :
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GwenS 4 años ago

This is a fabulous blog, for an excellent artist and an entertainer. Which is her latest album? I have not heard anything new from her in a long time now.
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mollagopy 4 años ago

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JaimeMosby 4 años ago

She is smoking hot and her music is bloody brilliant.
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andrewwong 4 años ago

You can see her tattaoo! Hahaha. This is quite funny. Very funny indeed.


newsattorney 4 años ago

This news site says that Pink is Jewish. Is that true?

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guantes 4 años ago

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LisaaPella 4 años ago

This is a good collection of her performance in the last concert. I remember this scene, i think she is sing that family portrait right? sex toys

Villabecks 4 años ago

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HollaGirl 4 años ago

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LobosVira 4 años ago

The more i know bout her the more i adore her. She make me really like her. I understand what she have been thru in her life. Its must be a hard moment when she was a little girl. GPS Navigation System

Kamran 4 años ago

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guantes 4 años ago

The picture is really very sensual, a bit exciting and a little wild. very good.
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stanfoo 4 años ago

Awesome photo. She's absolutely stunning in this picture!

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merryGon 4 años ago

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HerlyMou 4 años ago

I don’t want to read something bad bout him. I always put that mags or newspaper away from me. I don’t believe what every word they say in that media. Why everyone want to make a bad news bout her? Industry Magazines