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p!nk at the VMAs

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samDD4u 3 años ago

This dress was made for Pink.

nini.g. 3 años ago

awwwwwwsome picture, love it...she looks hot Eye-wink


heartbreak_down 4 años ago

ahhhh! i love this photo!!!!!
I love herrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jusMISSundaztood 4 años ago

haha love this pic.
..how even wen shes in her cute lil dress, wen shes all prim n proper,
yet she still has ta rock on!! perfect

-"Burn this f***er down!"

-"Burn this f*cker down!"

fuck Pangea (dont ask)

Spreading P!nkianity
*P!nk's Feisty Hoe*

888happy 4 años ago

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