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Pink Vid

Pink Vid

Hey guys, some of you may have seen this vid I did a while ago with Pink's song Ave Mary A. I've just entered a cut version of it into a youth film comp. I want to make more of my own stuff, but I need a camera to do it - I could win one with this comp! Please click on this link http://fabtale.com/watch/?nyw=CXNwqkhx and check it out, if you like it, please click 'like' at the bottom of the page. Thanks Smiling

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and I just whacked this together last night in my boredom, just some people from YT covering f***in Perfect Smiling


Thanks guys! you're awesome Laughing out loud

that vid is fantastic, i like it so much i posted it twice on fb,,,good enough to b the official vid ,, you are very talented,,,

done...said it was worth being the official vid for this song when I first heard it. good luck Smiling

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