and that's why we love her even more.....

and that's why we love her even more..... THE THINGS THEY SAY 12860

"Everything is good again now and we're having a blast. Carey and I spend a lot of time wrestling in our hotel room. We have naked dance parties too... We have a lot of fun together. He's so yummy." Pop star PINK on life with her previously-estranged husband Carey Hart.

10 July 2009 01:31

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shes awesome

Cariss...* pink you are my hero. R.I.P..x

We've got scurvy on Spongebob rules! =D
I love youu P!nk.... I love you too Jakeeyy... (best mates for life)

Just makes you want to.....
Smile Laughing out loud

"She's hanging out and she's, she's with the crowed and she's, she's traveling where the wind is blowing.."

haha yep. she's hilarious Eye-wink