So you're writing for a paper ? Well , it's nothing very new
to be writing yards of drivel for a tidy little screw ;
You are young and educated , and a clever chap you are ,
But you'll never tun a paper like t' 6 CAMBAROORA STAR.
I myself - you mayn't believe it - helped to run a paper once
With a chap on Cambaroora , by the name of Charlie Brown ,
And I'll tell you all about it if you'll take the story down.

On a golden day in summer , when the sunrays were aslant ,
Brown arrived in Cambaroora with a little printing plant
And his worldly goods and chattels - rather damaged on the way -
And a weary-looking woman woman who was following the dray.
He had bought an empty humpy , and , instead of getting tight ,
Why , the diggers heard him working like a lunatic all night;
And next day a sign of canvas , writ in characters of tar ,
Claimed the humpy as the office of the CAMBAROORA STAR


" Henry Lawson , 1867-1922 "

praise the Lord

peace jjakh

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