Can someone help
I have been told that camera's are NOT allowed at the concerts
I understand they cannot take mobile phones off you but would take a camera off you on going into the venue or even once inside.

Is this true?

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Denied entry to the concert with Camaras Reflex O2 Dublin?or only can enter with compact camera and phones ¿?¿?¿

Respect your world

Respect your world

just put it in your pocket! in dublin at the O2 everybody was taking pictures and they didn't say anything

We took a 10mp camera hidden and got away with it but tried to take a video camera also and that was confiscated. They give you a ticket and you collect it after the show, only they lost it! Took them an hour to get it back. Also, we saw three people around us have their normal cameras taken off them during the show, they were also given tickets. Take the chance if you want but they definately do check!

PS: this was at The O2.

Emma North

if you look on the tickets it says no cameras but no one listens. EVERYONE takes them anyway (oubviusly)

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As long as it is not a professional one your allowed to take one.

i went to the o2 arena on 1st may and heard u were not allowed to take cameras so i didn't and i really regretted it!! everybody had 1 and they didn't get them taken off them so i say take one definately

claire xx

Took my digital camera to the Liverpool gig, got in with it no probs and how glad I was I got some amazing pics, including the one I took in my profile pic, when Pink sang to me !!!

I went to the 02 on the 2nd May and had a camera and was able to take it in.

What goes around comes around.

I went to the 02 on the 2nd May and had a camera and was able to take it in.

What goes around comes around.

i am taking my n95 to video it and my samsung pixon to take pics just need few more hand now haha x

Hello im from Germany,

the Ticketshop say, Cameras is not allowed, but many People was on Concert and take Photos we too. The Security say nothing, he make self Photos.

greetings Fuzzi

Took a digital & mobile to Glasgow/Dublin no hassle, but noticed people with video cameras being asked to stop filming or leave *both venues*.

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We went to see her in Birmingham and i had previously phoned the NIA toa sk this question, cameras were allowed as long as you were not a professional photographer with a professional camera - you should be fine maybe just best to check with the individual venue beforehand though xx