Can anyone help me?

Can anyone help me?

I need someones help. I'm a girl living really hard live and I have problem-I have shame to show my feelings, my capabilities, so how can I get rid off this problem? Please help me!!!

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Ela God Is a DJ

OK, I agree that here are more people who are really friendly, but I know Ela best. I think that this page is extremely friendly at all. Anyone agree? How you all doing people?

omg... I agree that here´s more awesome peps Smiling ba da da da

Ela God Is a DJ

Hi Anoniem Smiling ... I agree with ya Kim

mucho hugs Ela Eye-wink

Ela God Is a DJ

I agree Kristeaaa: Ela is wonderfull! Smiling But I've met other people here, who are too Eye-wink

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

Wow now I really getting be shy ... Krist I´m glad you saying those words about me ... Smiling
and that what I´ve told to ya... I mean it absolutelly seriousely Smiling

hugs Ela Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

Have you ever met more friendlier wimen than Ela???
She can always make you funny, she can take care of you even trough the computer, she can console you. I wrote this because she said that I'm beautiful inside and outside! First person who said this. I said that I do one big mistake, but she said that I'm not. She is just AWESOME!!! Anyone agree with me?
If you don't then you will understand that I'm crazy!
Smiling Smiling Smiling

Oh ... ya really make me fun galls Smiling

Kristeaaa Smiling no you´ve done NO MISTAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!! Eye-wink

biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Ela Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

Thanks guys!

Yeah the song will be on here soon, don't worry Smiling

Hhhaha Ela, i know i'm scared of my mum at the moment, she looks AWESOME on the motorbike Shocked


Hello girls!!!
Come on... Stop to say that I'm counting every minute! Actualy...It's true Smiling
I'm just glading of every minute in my life. It's just me...Smiling
12MLLZIE12 I'm waiting for you song here,
Good luck Smiling

P.S. Ela I'm going answer to your letter and going to do one big mistake. Smiling

Hi 12MLLZIE12 Smiling

Well at the date what I bought a car ... I´m really subordinate on it ... but your mum is brave soul when will she ride it... I am really feared of motorbike Smiling ... but I luv to look at it

hugs Ela Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

Hhaha nothings new for me Smiling

Same old same old. Surfing, School, new friends, song writing, oh actually there is something new Smiling

Last night when i was meant to be doing my homework ( Smiling ) i thought of a really cool song, i'm almost finished it, and when im done i'll post it on here Smiling

I'm fine though all's good, happy thats all i want to be.

Oh and my mum just got a motorbike today Puzzled

Look out world, here comes my mum Smiling


P.S Thanks Ela, yes i know Kris HAS been counting evey min Sticking out tongue


Wow you my two ... Eye-wink

so much happines at once Smiling , great 12MLLZIE12 youre backagain ... we´ve missed ya so much. Kristeaaa counted every minute

welcome home mucho hugs Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

I'm going good, everything is almost OK. I'm happy now because you are OK my twin. What's new from you?
Hug Bye Smiling

Hahah, awww thanks so much!! I was thinking about you to lol Smiling

Like, i wonder what shes doing right now, and is she sleeping or awake lol Smiling

I had a really really REALLY good time, it was so much fun. I was a bit sick like i said but im much better now, just a little cold happening Sticking out tongue

How about you? How are you going? Whats your life like at the moment??

All the best xxoo Smiling

Did you even understand how happy I'm now? Actualy I was thinking about you almost every minute. I was thinking like-maybe she have some problems,are she OK now, are she having fun now? I was bit crazy, but I'm OK now because you are here!!! Everything going good for me. How are you?


I'm HOME! MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH, thanks for all your kind thoughts that you wrote Smiling

I've been thinking of you all!

Ela: Hhaha, i think i'll skip the idea of writing a song about the bush Sticking out tongue Thanks anyway hahah. I know the fires, and everything down here are horrible, well i spose thats a risk to have to take to live down here in Oz... All the best xxoo

Kriesteaaa: Hhah, don't worry i'm here now, thanks for all your extremly kind thoughts, i really love it Smiling Hope your well, how are you going, hope all is good at your household Smiling Talk soon xxoox

livvy-lou: That is weird Smiling No we don't actually go camping on this camp, we stayed in dorms though, which we really crap, so basically, i'd rather go camping Sticking out tongue And no i didn't get any unwated 8-leggged friends visit me (thank god!) Thanks for your thoughts Smiling xxoo

Talk soon guys, thanks again!!
x Sticking out tongue

Hi Kristeaaa Smiling ,
Oh perharps she´ll write new song ... " The Bush Story " Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

You know that I'm always worrying for people special for my friends. I know that she is alright! Smiling

Hi Kristeaaa Smiling ,

don´t worry 12MLLZIE12 comes back soon Smiling

hugs Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

Oh yes ... thats to bad ... those are really black days for Australia ... I´m so sorry about it Sad ...
Hope it will be cleaned as well ...

hugs livvy-lue Ela Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

It's probably best not to mention the 12 containers of fertilizer that washed overboard and are sitting on the bottom of the ocean not that far offshore.

Ela: "now petroleum on east shore "

yeah it's devastating to know that heaps of animals that live in the sea are going to die because of the oil spill. they said that approx. 120 tons of oil has spilt into the sea. but the good thing is, there are voulnteers cleaning up the beaches, so i praise them for that.

Hey livvy-lou Smiling

I luv going campink too ... When I was small girl it was so.... undescr. ...

so joy it as well Smiling

hugs Ela Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

HA ha ha Hi 12MLLZIE12 Smiling
weren´t ya who was soo happy that youre the only one whom it missed lol
OK now I´m serious have a fun there and let us know then youre OK Smiling

by the way ... its really terrible that ya have these troubles ... fires, sharks now petroleum on east shore ... take care my second Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

Oh 12MLLZIE12,
I'm happy now that you wrote here message. I woul really miss you and have a good time. Have fun!!!
Big hug Bye Smiling

"Ok so tomorrow, i will be going to camp for 3 days and will be back on Wednesday, which is Tuesday in your country"

12MLLZIE12 - lol, that is so weird cuz my firends are going on camp from monday - wednesday too!
do you like going camping? i like camping; the only part i dont like about camping is when you have to walk for 5 hours before you get to the campsite.

so i hope you have a good time, and i hope you dont get any unwanted visits from creatures that have 8 legs.
love livvy-lou




I feel really really sick, but i missed you guys so much, that i thought i had to get out of bed to say hello.

Ok so tomorrow, i will be going to camp for 3 days and will be back on Wednesday, which is Tuesday in your country Smiling

All the best you guys, talk soon

xxoo Smiling

Oh yes Kris I feel it too ... and I think she feel it the same ... Eye-wink


Ela God Is a DJ

Now I'm missing 12MLLZIE12 so much. I'm waiting for her message every day...Ela did you feel the same? Sad

ya have it back there Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

Of course gonna check out my email Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

Mum, I already answer to your letter. Waitting your answer Smiling

Oh yes 12MLLZIE12 ...

joy it as well as possible Eye-wink , be sure I will miss ya too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take care and let us know when ya come back Smiling

huge hugs my second Smiling Ela

P.S. It seem to be problem a bit ... I haven´t MAC Sad .... I will aks me someone for some technical advice about it Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

Oh my twin...I will sooo miss you...Have a good time!
Big hug, Bye Smiling

Hey guys!!

I'm gonna be away for 5 days starting from today!! Sad

So just letting you guys know ... sorry i have to go, but i will say some things before i go, so that yeah lol Sad

Ela its a Apple Mac program called Garage band, not sure if you can get it on PC's?? Worth a try. Talk soon, my friend xxoo Smiling

Kriestaa, all the best while im gone my twin Smiling I'll be on here in spirt, so don't worry ok lol Smiling

Keep your head up high, and stick to your guns, no matter what anyone eles says! Just reemmber in the wise words of p!nk, 'Don't take everything to seriously, and just live your life, not someone eles!!'

Remember that ok... Smiling

All the best to both of you, i will miss you when im not here...

I may try and get on here on Sunday Afternoon, which is Saturday morning for you guys ( i think Puzzled )

Talk soon xxoo xoxoxo


Hey girls Smiling ,

12MLLZIE12 .. tell me please the name of your PC program ... thnx

so ya both some news ...??? Smiling

hugs Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

Hello girls (my twin and mum) Smiling
How are you 12MLLZIE12? My mail is working good and I can't understand why it isn't working for you...It's strange...
Ok Bye Smiling

Ok, i'll get your e-mail Smiling

talk to you over that Smiling

C you soon Sticking out tongue

xxoo ...

Sorry ... theres no point between kristinaprocks ...

luv Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

Now is here after 22 pm ... and one two hours I gonna to sleep ... so let watch on me we can change it Smiling . I´m using this one ... and it works well Smiling

12MLLZIE12 ... do ya on facebook ???

hugs Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

Normally, that shouldn't be a problem 12MLLZIE12. It's weird that you can't send her e-mails.

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

Hey Ela,

yes her e-mail she gave me was correct, but i think its because were from different countries and the end bit on the e-mail is weird like,

on mine at the end it goes, aus because im from australia, but hers is a really weird one lol Smiling

Oh well ...

Hhaha, what time is it over there??


got to go to school in about 5 minutes. Sad


Hey 12MLLZIE12 Smiling

oh yes today I had good day ... It´s fun ... just imagine ... I´m up when ya sleeping ... I feel like an angels guard above Smiling ...

I sent email to Kris ... and it came OK to her .. I´ve got her reply also ... do ya have it right ???

hugs Ela Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ

Hahah, hope you had a good day Ela, and you Kriestaaa!! Lucky to have some time off school. Sticking out tongue

No the e-mail still isnt working Sad

Don't know why, oh well the forums will have to do for now Smiling


Well here´s 11 am I musta run also .... so bye my both kids

and to ya 12MLLZIE12 my second sweet dreams Smiling

luv ya galls Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

Hey guys, you 2 are funny Sticking out tongue

I'm going to bed now guys sorry, but i'll be on here tomorrow to right to you!

All the best, oh and if you want to help a cold Kriesteaa, eat, oranges, there meant to be really good for a cold Smiling
xx Smiling

Great ... it function .. Smiling and i gonna reply ... hugs Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

Urrraaaaa!!! Yes, it's funny!
I answer a letter to you (Before 3 min) Smiling

Huráááááááááááááááá ... this is czech Smiling ya know it russia Smiling urra

I ´m lucky youre fun of it Smiling

Ela God Is a DJ