for my wife

for my wife

If i stay we will only end up hurting one and other
if I go it will hurtlike hell but we'd be saving one another
i' afraid ill never love again the way I loved you baby
but I know i gotta let you go so neither one of us goes crazy
I believed the love was there once
when we were dancing on the sun
so high so free so in love
believingyour the one
melting in sweet thoughts of you
and all i dreamed was holding you
and i was looking forward to always waking up to you
I guess we never planned for this
and breaking up was never on my list
you should know i love you still and breaking up was never on my list
our last kiss
our last touch
though it hurts me still so much
i;ll spend all my life wishing that we had justappologisedturned out the light
kissed and said goodnight
turned out the light kissed and quit the fight

this is 4 u egg

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you cant delete things or so i tried and it didnt work..but i still like this even if you want to delete kinda going through the same..but different at the same time...i like it what you wrote...


this is sweet and i guess its sad but true. things will get better with time or so i am told.
1 vodka
2 vodka
3 vodka
when i get up gimmie sum more

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.

how do u delete thigs if you dont want them up there? lol--