Pink in London's Hyde Park UK July 2nd

Pink in London's Hyde Park UK July 2nd

Today I got a phone call from o2 (My phone network) telling me I had been randomly selected to see Pink at London's Hyde Park for the Wireless Festival... I am so excited to see her again... I see her last night at Alton Towers... where I also see her getting on a ride (Story in the thread: Tour/Europe: 'Is it possible to meet pink?')

I have wanted to see Pink live for so long, I'm talking 7-9 years, was always unable to go due to so reason or other, now I feel as though it is all happening to me at once... seeing Pink on the ride at Hyde Park right in front of my eyes... 10 meters away from me and then watching her incredible show and then getting that amazing phone call this morning!!!

Baby Kane xXx

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How cool was that!! I saw her hyde park for the second time,luckily Smiling