RIP Tay Babe <3

RIP Tay Babe <3

i wanted to do a thread on here dedicated to my bestest friend who will never be replaced
she died a year ago today (30 august)
and she was a huge p!nk fan alongside me Smiling
and i wanted to put a thread on here for tayla cos i miss her ...big time .
and she loved p!nk so what better place to put a thread than on pinks site Smiling

Rest In Love&Peace Tay
I Miss You More Than You Will Ever Know
Lovee Youu Babe <3

27/4/96 - 30/8/08
Never Forgotten .

my poem i wrote :
It has been so long since we have talked
I hope that things are still the same
hoping they will never change

ill remember you and thats forever true , i never thought things would be like this .
yesturday was full of tears knowing you were just here , always lost but not forgotten but pain controls my every thought , i missed you , i kissed you when we layed you in your grave and i need you to believe you , things werent meant to be this way ,
i cant wait to see the day when all these painful tears fade away

R.I.P Tay
words can say how much i miss you .
'who knew'

R.I.P Tay x

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No problemm chuck - you know I love youu Eye-wink
I know what it's like. You feel you have lost something, but you can't get it back. You would do anything for just a few minutes with that person. But we have to be strong and focus on the good things (few that we have) - it's all we have left.
I will always be here forr youu if you need me. Remember that xxxx
April Smiling x

@april - thank you so much darlin'
im happy people understand , tay meant so much to me i cant even describe how much she meant to me , she shaped my personality Eye-wink
if you dont like it swear into the sky hehe
i miss her so much , feels like a part of me is missing

<3 thanks april


My heart truly goes out to you. Sadly I also know partly how this feels ...
Amazing poem by an amazing girl - you deserve to be happy <3
The pain WILL fade, eventually ...
April Smiling x

@flashmen - thank you so much.
yeah , its still hard , i miss her so much i cant even explain

that would be so hard to lose your best friend my thoughts are with u

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

@flashmen - thank you , she meant the world to me Smiling

oh wow i wish i had a friend like you Smiling

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

the poem is beautiful
im sorry for ur friend grace
some things dont seem fair sometimes but thats life
we have to be strong and move on
ur a strong smart funny cookie! make ur friend proud!
ur friend is still ur ur heart! dont u ever forget her....

Biiip you, you Biiip!!!!! oh and dont forget to Biiiip all your Biiiiip relatives!!!!!!

VERY HEART FELT a beautiful thought and i can understand how your feeling, i lost a friend
when i was younger,it took me a while to understand, how life goes on, u wer
a great friend and always will be,
from a good friend to a great friend
i hope the pain goes away bbe