Sober, my husband has been going through problems with drinking for years. Emergency rooms, rehab, programs, counseling and quit for a while but, fell off the wagon again for the hundreth time. He drank himself to sleep tonight and woke up to choking on his own vomit. Then threw up all over the place w/blood and went pee all over the bathroom floor. I called the cops and a ambulance and when they got to our place they checked him and told me he said he would not go to the hospital. I am so done with this... I have quit drinking excessively because of the problems i see with him. This life is hard and everytime i hear sober it makes me start crying so bad. I feel like there is nothing i can do anymore but, maybe leave him since he thinks alcohol is so much more important than his wife or kids. ugghhhhhh

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my grand father drank himself to death.he died of cirrocis,its like the most horriable death to see anyone go through,and i have seen alot of people die in car wrecks and drug overdoses and i even seen this guy get shot because he pulled a gun on a cop and shot the gun up in the air but that was when i was like aunt christys husband just left her and he was real bad on alcohol and drugs,he left her for a 47 year old woman that used the needle,that woman got adam useing the needle.i thought if you left somebody u went for somebody younger not somebody more than ten years older than your ex.hun i pray for your husband and you too.
as just missundaztood said hang in there,your never alone in any situation.

sorry ta hear bout his problem.
cant say i know wat ta tell ya. but i can say that you gotta do wats best for you. watever wuld b best for the safety of you and your kids. watever that my entail.
hope things get better and i hope u make the decision that makes YOU happier...

and i know of you a few songs of pinks that hav made me cry. even tho they make me sad, it is still a good cry. cuz it reminds me that there are other people out there going thru the same s***, and no matter how bad things get, ur never alone in any situation. so hang in there...
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-"Burn this f*cker down!"

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