What is your fave pink video?

What is your fave pink video?

I think mine would have to be so what! It is such a good song and the video goes so well with it. Also trouble is good where she kicks some ass! lol

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Well,a couple Weeks ago we had a Voting here on Board which Video the favorit it.sober won. Of i am Not mistaking.and f***ing Perfect was Second.

Most Girls For Sure Love the Dancing

ok heres my fav videos of p!nk's songz
so wat,f**kin perfect,get the party started,dont let me get me,omg!!!! der r so many, all r awsome ,n im 2 lazy 2 type em' all

Well I love all of P!nk's videos!
Funniest Video: Get The Party Started
Most Exciting Video: Trouble
Most Emotional Video: I Don't Believe You/F**kin' Perfect
Those would be my top 4, but if I had to choose one, I'd go for Trouble!

So what, I'm still a rockstar, I got my rock moves...