Your Art is truly appriciated

Your Art is truly appriciated

Alicia Beth - or P!nk - I don't know if you look at these regularly, but I just want you to know how much your art is appriciated, and inspiring, and has also crossed both the generation gap and the gender gap.
I am a middle aged man who was going through tough marital problems around the time Funhouse came out and those songs SPOKE to me. We have since reconciled, and my Wife and I both use some of those lyrics as references.
Every time I listen to those songs I can feel exactly what you must have been feeling. Since then, I have gotten All your music, and I want you to know what a great artist you Really Are.

Keep it up, and God Bless Souls like Yours...

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please send new music

Loved reading your post...P!nk has a habit of doing that to you Smiling

ps : glad you reconciled Smiling

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