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last i checked there are freedoms and rights in this country to be what you want unlike old school ussr. didnt read anything on lease stating i had to have certain political beliefs or sexual prefferences.

yes, i have learned about what is in my body, dad worked next to kremiln fax in pentagon during reagan admin. parents split just before his retiring as mom met graham soon after as its my understaning he is reason for most if not all my attention as of late.

yes, i had in 2000 been paid for sex with men and yes i had done various chemicals before.

i feel bad for my neighbor taking a job from an emploer whose soul purpose seems to be pushing my buttons and trying to put together some kind of news worthy file.

i think i mentioned this before as to just how much all this must cost people, the constant digging and pushing and all but its a job i guess. someone elses dollar not mine.

yes i recall spending time with gay people and tried it before but just not me. its when the pushing starts that it gets annoying but thats the intention now isnt it

what a trip this continues to be.

Laughing out loud

hey herbie, whats up. still around as well. cool.

Laughing out loud

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jus sayin hi : ))

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