P!nk: Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

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Trinity79 4 év ago

J'adore et j'aime ton album!!!!!!! tu es une excellente et talentueuse artiste. Tes chansons, ta musique donne le goût de bouger, faire du sport.... d'être de bonne humeur.
Je peux l'écouter tous les jours..... woww et j'aime ça, j'en veux toujours plus.
Continuer vous faites de l'excellent travail et vous êtes un modèle pour ceux qui vont vous découvrir.


Sapphirejewel 4 év ago

I love your album! You are a great artist and will be an excellent Mother. Keep up the excellent work on showing our younger generation of girls that they do not have to conform to others and they can be individuals. I have two amazing daughter who I try to guide everyday to be their own person and to try to not worry about what their peers around them think. Self esteem is a very hard thing for them and to have a role model in the music world it a big plus.

meshe 4 év ago

Thank you for being you! For letting girls know they can grow up to be individuals and not be F*ckin Perfect. I have two little girls that have a role model in music that doesnt follow the rules and stands up and does her own thing. Keep showing these little girls that they can pave their own way and that they can be the president and not dance in the video with 50 cent Smiling

This album was the first birthday present my hubby got right in a long time! Cant wait for the next one!

Oh and I was scared to have girls too (for the same reasons) I had twins and love them more everyday. Congrats you will be awesome!

BrittanyE 4 év ago

So What that I am not F*ckin Perfect, I am the girl Who Knew I was never one of the Stupid Girls. I may be my harshest critic, but I must Raise My Glass to the fact that I have chosen friends have helped with my request of "Don't Let Me Get Me and Please Don't Leave Me". I will always be a Sober girl who will be more than happy to let U & Ur Hand have a night alone. I'm Trouble and love to be the one to Get The Party Started. I'm addictive Just Like A Pill and There You Go loving me yet again. So Dear Mr. President, watch as I throw some Glitter In The Air during a Family Portrait and live my life my way. (Please Don't Steal, I worked hard on this)

FUCKME 4 év ago

You .. Are.. AWESOME!