Hey you!

I was just cruzin' through the community page and found your post. I'm a very new member, but I felt something tug at my heart when I read your post... I've recently got out of the Canadian military (brothers in arms with you americans!). I did a tour in Afghanistan, and our vehicle was hit by a road-side bomb... that was 2 years ago and my short-term memory has been an issue ever since. Let me reasure you that it gets better with time! But you have to work at it until it comes fully back to you (kinda like riding a bike). Set yourself little memory goals... like tell yourself "my favourite colour is not always blue!"... it sounds stupid.. but if you can trigger yourself to remember that phrase in 2 days from now, it will begin to re-activate your memory... don't worry! It will all come back to you, but you have to put a little work into it!

If you'd like to talk about things, just email me at jordanj.d.foss@gmail.com

- Jordan