For US and UK fans

For US and UK fans

Funhouse is doing incredible around the world, but I really want to see it being in top 3 in the US and #1 in. I don't know first day sales of Funhouse in the U.S. but its only at number 6 on iTunes, which is pretty low, and from what I heard, she is leading midweek UK albums chart with 37,000 copies sold, but Snow Patrol is very close behind, with almost 36,000. So, please, lets buy her album and make her #1, which she deserves to be!

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I pre-order the Funhouse cd on Can't wait to get it...
I'm still waiting..... too long......
Does anyone know the US tour date's??? I really want to know them...Please give us the worldtour date's.... NOW!!!!!

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I've got scarves you won't believe I wear them proudly on my sleeve!!! Run......back to my arms and they will hold you down.

I bought her album today, 27 oct in the UK, love it as do I all with pink's songs. She is fantastic.