Really upset. I was ready with my credit card to buy tickets to see P!nk at Newcastle Metro Arena and by 10 past 9 they had been sold out...funny, as suddenly there were loads of people on eBay selling P!nk tickets!

DARN I HATE THOSE PEOPLE!! Save the tickets for P!nk fans! Not money making scam eBayers!

Sorry, rant over Sad

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Think alot of the tickets were sold on pre-order, through the i-tunes deal and through the venue!
I got mine through the i-tunes deal and my mate got a pre-order through the SECC website.
Crap tho when they are being sold on ebay etc and real fans cant get a ticket without paying shed loads!

I'm pretty upset to about the way the sale for tickets are handled...Didn't know about bookers that buy all tickets and sell them for ten times more so I got a bit surprised when I start to look after tickets and they where sold for half my monthly

Anyway, I think I got hold of some tickets i Berlin.....guess I have to go on a road

But that note about refund for tickets where a really good idea....maybe there would be a name printed on each ticket so only the original buyer can use it...sort of like a train ticket....

Love make the world spinn

Hi, I´m not so sure about Smiling) in our country is everything possible and by P!NK i has more luck by IND tour as by Madonna when it was sold before start of buy Smiling)), but for P!NK I´ll wait still days before it happen !!! bye Ela Smiling)

Ela God Is a DJ

i know i had to buy my ticket for standing £55 for one! the cheapest i cud find!

Tell me about it, last year i gave well over £60 each!! Total rip off but must admit best day of 2007 for me!!
Funhouse tour....ooh it sends tingles down my spine Smiling
Cant wait!

are you joking? After 10 MINUTES!? wow unbelievable, that couldn´t happen in my country


I 100% agree with you they should band people from selling them on other sites for more money, if people cant make the concert then they should return them to the ticket office for a refund. I hope you find some tickets somewhere. Smiling