Cd insert help need words from it today

Cd insert help need words from it today

Can anyone help my mate below i haven't got CD with me

I need you to type the first page of the first paragraph or the cd cover inner booklet thingy. I'm on holiday and getting a tattoo and she writes something about
Love or strength and it's touching. I want that as my tattoo


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Is this what you mean, this is the first thing written in her thank you's in the booklet?

"What do I know at 29? I know that 'things' are what we seek, but 'love' is beneath that. If 'love' isn't the foundation - then 'things' will fall. For even if they stand - they mean nothing. I've had both - and if given a chance to choose....
Soberly - I choose love
Humbly - I choose love
Wisely - I choose love"

Nobody Knows The Rhythm Of My Heart