BUDAPEST, Hungary, information

BUDAPEST, Hungary, information

Hello everybody.
I wanna help foreigners who are coming to the show March 24, 2009.
The site of the arena:
Thre are strict rules, you cannot bring in camera, liquid, umbrella, bottle, glass, knife, etc. There are bars in the arena where you can buy food and drink, but they don't give you the bottle, Don't be surprised. These are because of accidents.
You can use your mobile phones, naturally.
If you have any questions just write me:
I'm gonna answer it.
Take care,

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why not cameras??? I mean, what is the purpose in strict rules, is there any chance to somehow bring the camera inside???...I'm coming and I would need help how to even get to the arena from the train post and maybe a sleepover would be needed 'cause train to Osijek, Croatia is only on the next day ta 9 am