35 Years Ago In India Today - " Housewife socks it to 'em "

35 Years Ago In India Today - " Housewife socks it to 'em "

At first sight , Usha Iyler seems a disappointment . plump and chubby-faced , draped decorously in a simple sari , her hair tied in a neat bun , she looks more like a homely housewife than india's leading popstar. then that deep , husky voice softly breaks ( remind you of some one , " its a long way to the top if ya wanna rock and roll " ) into leonard Cohen's " Suzzanne " and suddenly the words take on a new meaning , the song acquires a new fan . The song may be someone else's , but the style is purley her own . she doesn't scream or prance around on the stage . she stands there motionless , eyes tightly closed , gently strumming her guitar, and lets that incredible voice reach out and enfold you in its magic . Usha's style and performance is essentianlly Indian in character, and this , she feels , is what gives her that instant rapport with her audiences . Ever since she first started singing in public six years ago , Usha has added a new aspect to nightclub show's - respectability . With over 500 concerts , radio and telivision shows and half-a-dozen albums behind her , Usha today stands head and shoulders above any rival on the Indian scene .

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Taken from " International India Today " January 10 , 2010 , page 7

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