this is a song i wrote about the story of my childhood.

"Daddy wasn't there
to tuck me in at night
and yet somehow
they still fight
mommy always taught me
right from wrong
and yet for some reason
i'm writing this song
Why am i so conflicted
I feel i should be convicted
No wonder im so miss understood
I never got a normal childhood

Damn you guys
how could you do this to me
all i ever wanted
was a normal family
a mother and a father
all at home with me
come on, come on take a look
at the mess you made of me

now everynight
i wonder how it coulda' been
if i only had a normal family
how could it be, how could it be
If i only had a normal family
if dad was there to tuck me at night
if you two didnt have to fight

i never got the chance
so when i start to dance
There is tears in my eyes
and i die a little inside

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this is so writes down my childhood too and unfortunately a lot of others too.

Jesus is close! (L)