i will not see p!nk live! T_T

i will not see p!nk live! T_T

i really feel bad
thats she's not t0uring in our country
but i hope she'll be in the future..
im dying to see her perform live!
(i cant afford RIGHT NOW to go abroad and watch her)

maybe someday ill go abroad
just to see her live on the stage!
i truly love her so so so much!

hav u seen her live??
please tell me ur stories...

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that sucks!
Just wait for the DVD it'll be equally as awesome!
Laughing out loud

hi superdykeamy (vallance ^_^) heheh

when i made this topic 5 months ago
i never really thought that i will see p!nk EVER!

but now its possible!
thanks to coke zero lol
and PFC!

cant fu**ing wait!!

P!NK here i come!!


its not something you can talk about, you have to SEE it with ur own eyes and hear it with your own ears and experience it with your whole being.
iv vowed not to talk about the content of the show with anyone that hasnt seen it as i feel its disrespectful to p!nk. what she does cannot be contained with words in my opinion

i thought u were going to the madison square garden concert anyway? with pfc?

p!nk rocks my socks!!!! and my jocks!!!!
my little red engine says: i think i can... i think i can!!!

Aww, poor you - that sucks. She should check this forum board, there are some good ideas. I'm going to see her live.

Grammar Nazi to the end!

R.I.P Michael Jackson, the one and only King Of Pop!

Oh princessMadel,

It was really indescr. ... but a while after I was sooooooooo sad... that this moment finished...
Yes amoorerocks... I all agree... she sounds match better life as on CD´s .... do ya know why... when ya there ya feel her power... that´s great.. I´m a bit a witch... maybe Smiling

bye Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

I don't think of her cocerts as just an event. More an experience in you life. An experience that I feel everyone deserves.

She is a remarkable entertiner and I think she sound more naturAL AND WAY BETTER LIVE THEN ON HER cd'S

We're all P!nk on the inside

@ Eurosith

yeah p!nk is very speciaL!!
im reaLLy praying hard
studying hard
working hard
so ill get a chance to go to one or all of her concerts hehehe


you've sang together??
ur so Lucky!!

im really envious...

Hey Smiling ,

I was on IND tour in Prague... oh first row... it was so great evening... the strongest moment was when she came to me with microphone by Whats Up and we´ve sang together.... then my friends told me, that we were on screen and whole hall saw us ... oh I was proud and shyed at one time ... now when I remember this ... I´m so excited... Smiling. Just hope I have luck to get place for her Erfurt or Wien concert ....

She´s shining ... cause she´s such a star...
She´s small by body, but her heart does huge...
She´s normaly gall, but personality does high...
That I find out at this special night....

oh yeah ... Smiling

bye Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

I have been to one of her concerts on the "I'm Not Dead" tour in august 2007. Even though it was one of her last performances on the tour, I was still very impressed by her vocal performance, which was pretty much just as powerful and nuanced as you hear it on her albums. Very few singers dare to sing all the higher notes during concerts, so Pink is indeed something special.
... And did I forget to mention that she is one of the really great entertainers out there?

I hope you'll get a chance to go to one of her concerts someday. It's definetely something you'll remember:-)

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