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"Im NOT DEAD..."

"Im NOT DEAD..."

...said P!nk

but not her fan page Sad
wats this nonsense i hear of pp being dead lately?? come on now! lets get some life back in this puppy. id hate to think that P!nkians and P!nks hoes have lost their passion! *gasp* i wont hear of it!! now now, i know im in no position to preach (hehe) cuz of my absence, BUT im here now. sooo lets just try and revive this baby shall we?

all in all id say P!nk is in a pretty good place right now! (altho shes rare to be found beneath that tum of hers Eye-wink KIDDING) seriously tho, P!nk is doing well for herself. and wheres her support! i mean, she has recently released her first greatest hits album, has two AMAZING songs that have been hitting the charts (which she damn well better win something at upcoming awards shows) AND, on top of all that, shes about to POP! shes rly making a name for herself. soo nows the time for us to be out and about on here.

i JM, hereby vow to make more of an effort to participate, and or cause scenes, on the official site of P!nk. oh dear goddess, please forgive me for my absence. let us proclaim this site.. "NOT DEAD!"