congrats to my favorite artist on her performance at the ama's, and to her soon to be bundle of joy. i raised my glass when i heard.

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i cant wait until u have a baby is it a boy or a girl

william choate

I know the baby is due in June, any word if this superchild has entered yet?

authorfre Diabetic Psychologist

When will you come to argentina?

I raise my glass and i know that you and carey will be very proud and good parents. With a rockin mom and freestyle cross dad nothing can go wrong, the love and power is all around..

What goes around comes around

Hope you are well pink with baby on the way i help out a couple and they are due in June this year to all the best pink and family.

congrats i hope u have soo much fun!

i totally agree her performance was sensational!!! and I am SO happy for her and Cory! Shes gonna be a super duper fantastic rockin mama!!! Smiling

"..........lordy lordy lordy, i cant help i like to party, its genetic..........., its electrifying....wind me up, watch me go, where she stops nobody know....a good excuse to be a bad influence on you....."