My daughter's 21st birthday

My daughter's 21st birthday

Hi Pink

I'm unsure if this is the correct forum to use....apologies if it isn't.

My daughter, Claire is turning 21 in February 2012; she has been a fan for many years. Your music has been an inspiration to her and a wonderful way for the two of us to communicate. In fact, on her 20th I transcribed the words of 'Perfect' onto a card and framed it as a gift to her.

Claire's life has not been an easy road. Born with Goldenhars syndrome comprising of a congenital heart defect and only one ear, she has endured many surgeries and a great deal of physical pain. The emotional pain she suffered was the result of her father committing suicide prior to her 3rd birthday compounded by bullying at school because of the obvious abnormality of her ear.

Through all of this, Claire has remained strong and true to herself. She 'came out' when she was just 14 years old. Of course this was no surprise to me or her step father and we welcomed her discovery and only wished her happiness and much love.

The purpose of my letter is to make a special request. Is it at all possible that you might take the time to send her a card for her 21st birthday? It would mean so much to her (and me). If it is something you are able to do, please contact me via my email address and I will provide further details.

Kind regards