My Sister, My Security

My Sister, My Security

My Sister My Security

My Sister. My Security.
You left me just before puberty
The trauma of being all alone is too much to bear
I can’t sleep in our old room
Every night dad has to ease me to sleep.

My Sister. My Security.
You are like a security blanket that keeps me safe and warm
When you leave for good you are taking my security blanket
Though I can’t find the words to tell you
just how bad your leaving really hurts me.

My Sister. My Security.
Why are you leaving so quickly?
You didn’t teach me how to fight off the bullies that pick on me
Now I have to learn my own way
Come back please, I still need you

My Sister My Security
I don’t understand you anymore
What did I do to make you wanna leave?
I know that sometime I annoy you
But I love you unconditionally
Did Mom and Dad throw you out?
Surely not because they love you too

My Sister My Security
Why do you put all the pressure on me?
Now it’s all up to me to be one to make Mom and Dad proud
Don’t know if I can handle being the apple of Mom and Dad’s eye alone
I don’t have your footsteps to walk in now

My Sister My Security
Don’t you know I’m still a little girl trying to find me?
Did you stop to think how your actions affect me?
My sister you took my security from me