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My Wife LOVES your music and your message

My Wife LOVES your music and your message

Hi Alecia
My name is Murray Webster and I'm from Brisbane Australa.
The reason(and i hope you do read this) for my correspondence is on be half of my wife.

Sherrelle, who I have to say can listen to your music constantly to the point now i find my self singing and dancing on the radio or helping around the house rocking out you your tunes(Ha we usually get it done twice as fast aswell). Even out 8 month old son (Hunter) begins to bounce/dance when the intro so your songs come on.! Sas recently gevin birth to our first son named Hunter, who is 8 months old now, but i just feel like she thinks shes too busy to look after herself sometimes and I an unable to show here the level in which i appreciate her every minute of the day. Duse too our busy ours i am unable to provide her with thinks that she has a passion for, but one. or the main, I thought maybe you could take some of your time to really make A Fantastic natural morther and a soon to be wife who I trust as my best friends.

Anyway I thought maybe This email would be the needle in the haystack!

Yours Sincerely, Hopefully, Gratefully and with greath Respect
Murray Webster
Caring Father and Husband!
Email:murray.webster@kordia.com.au (Main)
sherrelle@popstar.com (emergancy as i would like if possible to suprise her)
MOB: 0432637778

P.S I know You would get requests like this constantly and it must be so hard to choose how to mananage your time I on ask selflessly and in saying in would make the difference in our your familys life. pp.p.s As i know from from the information i have been told you have just had a brand new bub and I wish you great fortune and hopefully and good few nights rest here and there! Thankyou for your time!

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