now back to the story , hall that is

now back to the story , hall that is

During the nineteenth centrury , Briish influence in India had been extended over the greter part of the subcontinent so that by the begginning of this century most of the country was either directly under ( yeah I heard he was amazed , him and that trachy pant suit pulled up high and those damm slippers ya know how Old Italians can ge ) British Protection only Nepal and the tiny state of bhutan ,

Chapter 22


For days Adela lies in the McBryde's bungalow , sick from ( who has the allmanic ) a touch of the sun and sore from the cactus ( hot or not - but yes hot ) . She goes over and over in her mind the events of that day ( and now there all like TISM ) remembering partivuliarlly how she scratched the wall of the cave with her fingernails to start the echo ; it was apparently after this that the alleged assualt took place but her whole story is very lacking in firm Elvis is this week , detail , the most certian aspect of it appears to be echo .
Meanwhile , though she longs to see Mrs Moore , she recieves no visit from her ,


Only connect , the epigragh to Howards End ( 1910 ) ( wow what's this ? ) look gotta go

catch up , look for howard - better of stuff from books ya never know who is in www land

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