Pink and animal rights in Luxembourg

Pink and animal rights in Luxembourg

Pink is a long-time PETA supporter and she is coming to Luxembourg in December.

We are a Luxembourg-based band promoting animal rights and we think it would be in the animals' interest if we could play as the support band. We have just played at the biggest German demonstration against fur in Frankfurt and it was very successful. Could you please get back to me and tell me how I can proceed to contact Pink's management?

I am myself a long-time supporter of PETA and PCRM and devote myself to animal rights through my band and my association. I attach the link to our website hereunder.

thank you.


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i think you would be better contacting her agent or manager ect... someone closer ot her because it isnt gaurenteed that she will get this message. or trying to contact the actual booking agent of th evnent maybe helpful