Pink - leukemia request

Pink - leukemia request

Dear Pink, My names Sam and I'm from Newry in Northern Ireland. One of my best mates Claire was diagnosed with Leukemia a few days after Christmas 2008. Since then she has been up in hospital constantly receiving treatment in Belfast. She loves your music, and when her father passed away during the summer it was your song Leave Me Along (I'm Lonely) that she had me listening to full blast down the motorway to clear her head. Your coming to Belfast in April and October, and ano your a busy woman, but theres no excuse ;p! please if theres any way that its possible for you to meet Claire, or write her a letter or send her a video or anythin just to boost her spirits a bit t get thru this. She's also a bit pi*sed off that the year your comin twice that she cant go see ya!
hope t here from ya soon Laughing out loud

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aww thats really sweet i hpe pink can like write you a lette or make a video or visit your friend or something

lukemias horrible so wishing a speedy recovery for claire and much luck with contacting pink =]

Lifes a b**** just deal with it .... P!nk inspires me and the world should be a little more open to being inspired.

ahhh much love n hugs i hope p!nk can help
what a good friend for posting x x x