P!NK in USA???

P!NK in USA???

Hopefully I didn't miss my chance, but I was wondering if P!NK is going to be performing in the US at all?? I noticed alotta her tour dates, well all of them, are in Europe. I'm excited to see her perform!!!! Especially if she comes to Grand Rapids MI (hint hint).
Anywaze, I think she's gotta BEE-YOOO-TIFUL voice and I would jump to the chance to see her in the States........ and she's HOT!.........


Keepin' my fingers (and eyes, ha-ha) crossed,

Hugh Morr

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I got a twitter update early this morning that P!nk will be announcing her US tour dates soon. I hope that might include Canadian dates as well.

I don't understand? She makes a new album and zero of her tour dates are in the US? How come? I have been waiting a long time as well to see her in Chicago (The Windy City). Why are all her dates overseas?

I was wondering the same thing. I saw her open for JT and she was amazing. I keep seeing all the pictures in the gossip rags about her prepping for her show but then she's got no US dates. Weird. I sure hope she tours here with this album!

No doubt.. she needs to come see us.. I been waiting long time for her to come to colorado!!!!

I hope she is coming to the US. P!NK loves all her fans I don't think she would leave us out. Keep praying though. LOL

I love you so much i wanna lite you on fire!