For the Rose Lady

For the Rose Lady

I can smile, and
Project myself, as
In the same way, that
A rose emits a desire, to
Be noticed

Even clipped, set
In a vase, placed
On a bureau, so
I can feel as if, everything
In me depends

Depend on me, as
I will be there, but
My bloom is short lived, thus
it's vital to me you catch, that
My aroma

So when petals fall, an
Ornament, hung
Somewhere inside you, will
Recall all the passion, of
Me as I

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Thank you very much - The funny thing is I wrote this in 1997 and then met my wife in 1998. She died in 2008 and it was at that time that I realized I had actually written this for her, a year before we even met! That is pretty cool isn't it?

Anyway I wanted to share it and I am glad you luv it!

Scotty Ga


luv dz poem! Smiling