Seattle Concert

Seattle Concert

THE PINK SEATTLE CONCERT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I Loved every minute of it was to bad that her shoulder hurt but it still was a kick ass show.......I would love to see it again......Thanks for an amazing night and show

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Your increadable, talanted, energeitic, beautiful, provocative, artistic, and fricking good looking!

I took my 21 year old daughter to The Key Arena in Seattle a few days ago, and the goose bumps are still on the rise, and if I have to deal with a flesh default well let them live on cause this was the most increadable concert I have ever seen in my 54 years.

My daughter told her friends that she was going, and they all asked who she was going with. When she said me, they were amazed to even fathum that her Mother would contemplate doing such a thing (LOL) then would add, "wish mine would do stuff like that". My X cherped in adding, "The funny part of this is she'll probably enjoy it too!" Oh hell Yeah, I did!!!!

My daughter and I have been split up since she was 11, and the last two years, all I have been doing is to try and prove to her that I love her, but the anger and hate took such control, that I thought that what I was gifted, in having her was long lost but alot of work, patience with less words and more, much more stability allowed us to share this moment at You're concert. I will appriciate and forever be blessed with this oppertunity in a renewed growth.

You are un compariable with anyone else I could even try to think of, You are an entity, a great role model for all that can get beyond this dark side You portray. It takes one to know one and the paths that are shared in so many ways.

Thank You Pink (did I say that I think that Yer as cute as a bugs ear?)

Blessed Be!

nosta_waras: go somewhere else with your negativity, please? Also, this is her first major headliner, not just an opening act. Let the girl have her fun, I know I would. We all know she is and always will be one of kind...that's why we all love her and her music so much.

I was very captivated by P!nk, the set, the dancers, the sound, lights, excitement... I thought it was great! It was worth the wait. It was worth every bit of flack I got from my husband when he first heard I bought myself tickets. It was worth every bit of anxiety and then heartbreak I felt arriving a day early for the concert...yes, a day early. The long line was frustrating, but worth it. There were nice people in line. It was worth the sore legs from jumping so much and the sore shoulders from waving my hands in spirit. The woman is so gorgeous. Her guitarist was flipping awesome with the Babe (Zep) song they did. I was stoked it was being played. I knew I was in heaven....P!nk delivered.
I also thought the shirts were pretty sweet that the company put out. When I think of the concert I smile. I guess my idea of sell-out and others is different. I thought her costumes and such were great. The big screen with black and white filming was cool and the Sober song with the antique filming was brilliant.

Awesome concert. The best concert I've been to. Very strong and amazing voice.

Here are some Pink photos from Seattle! She may have a been a little too harlequin, but she's hot and fun. I wish I could've heard her do a little Kanye bashing...and all the covers.

Absolutely DISAGREE!!!

I first saw Pink in 2002 after the release of her second album-- it was a small venue and it was clear that she just wanted to sing-- she still sang a bunch of other people's songs (like she did last night), but it seemed as though she loved the music and just wanted to keep tossin it out there--

Last night was RIDICULOUS...What a sell out--- since when did Pink care more about blow up clowns than the music--- and what was with all the ridiculous dancers?

Would have preferred more singing and less choreography...

Just wondering if anyone else remembers Pink's beef with Arista records--- her hole image was about not being a "cookie cutter" artist who is like everyone else...but NEWSFLASH...that is exactly what she's become and last night really solidified that for me...super disappointing experience....