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Stage set up

Stage set up

Hi everyone,
I guess I would be considered new here even tho' I am a total lurker. So Hello! LURKER alert. Beep, Beep, Beep! I have LOVED Pink forever, but this will be my first show. I am a Pink virgin, and seriously need...well, you all know!
I am a wonderin'...I know our gal usually has a end stage set up. However, the San Jose' tickets I can find, shows a center stage. I would hate to pay thru the nose to get a seat I thot' was good, only to find out the set up was diff. this time! Altho' it might be typical, and HAS happened before. DER!
So Help! Has anyone heard anything, if stage is at the end in the current shows, I would not think she would change it due to complexity of her shows. HELP. Please advise....
AND Thanks for all pix people upload! That rocks.
Holy Pinkalicious!! I am so excited to go!

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Thanks so much for reply. Hard to make a decision on location of seats to buy. Have a great one and Thanks again, Michy

pink has a catwalk, if that was to be taken away the begining and the ending of the show would have to be changed hugely. venue seating plans dont tell you about the shape of the stage so its unlikely that the setup will have changed