This Weeks Sermon

This Weeks Sermon

Lets talk of Hanuman, first the trinity, mind , body , soul , as covered the body is a machine - a machine that see's sugar as a valuble resourse and stores it , a machine that is automatic - inert - without counsiousness - takes in water and food , that inturn converts it to energy - a machine that is a balance of fluids and matter . A simple machine that is energy in - conversion and energy expelled . The soul - never-ending an elosive constant from birth to death - something of the body but removed from the self and the mind - something felt , something seen - but never captured or restrained - an entity common to all - but truelly individual , never found but so close you can smell it . If Hanuman is Ph 1 then the Soul is Ph 14 . Your life , your path , your journey on Earth is the road walked from Hanuman to your soul . It may take a year it may take 100 years . In all its glory the equation is in essence an education . A path to where ever your going.

The weapons of Hanuman. It is said that the tongue is the seat of the Ego . In the beginning there was light, in the second instance the word . So we can see just from here that light is an expression of the soul , and in the second instance the word - a product of Hanuman , even in the beginning the education that is Soul vs mind - mind vs soul , is apparent and constant . One is not stronger , nor can one have either alone . like balance in everything its up to you . How much weight does one give Hanuman and what to do till my soul discovers me . As talked before , Hanuman is the great teacher akin to fear . So we all realize by now that words create our construct our short term future and our destiny . so to hold account our words to monitor and control is the first in many steps to taiming Hanuman . Vanity - now here we go on the twisty road of Hanuman , beset on all sides by tyranny and evil .

The road to the soul is filled with the discovery of the self - the apprection of your -self fullfillment and honest praise - Holistic and free . Hanuman on the other hand is vanity , judgement , lust and greed . The placing of me or you above others discrimination. The creation of class , the torment of those that are not included or adere to a collected Hanuman . As refured prior the "SUPER - INDIVIDUAL " . Vanity vs Fashion ( another sermon another day ) .

The value of our common , the realization that we are in essence all the same and all on the same path with the same truth - but all complety different , if your've been keeping up we can start to see that hanuman is very close , extremally close to our spark to flame - Why? . Hanuman and the mind , like fear and the body , Soul and spark to flame , the only objective - Education. Our words create our path , our path dictates our charactor , our charector creates our destiny.

So why then is it such a battle ? Why is Hanuman there at all ? Life is a journey , a road to your self . There are smooth roads , rocky roads and sometimes no roads at all . As long as man is fighting wars and generally mis-behaving then the battle of Hanuman and the soul continues . This latter is not so much a battle but rather an Education . To look at our common , even in the best of cultures and communities there is difference and difficultes - these differences and diffucultes are our common . On the grand scale - to look at the charector of the planet , we could almost say , see and feel that on this scale , there is also a trinity - the psycial planet the body , the machine - weather, the seas , and volcano's - The soul of the planet - animals , fishes , birds and plants, and the mind (Hanuman) US with all our problems , our strife and Wars. The words we say - the vanity we express as nations via the disparity of wealth - our mixed concept of spark to flame , Soul and Divine from one side of the fence to the next.

Collectivelly we truelly are on a planetary scale purelly a reflection of every individual around . Until we as a faith aware species combat our tongues and Hanuman , learn to accept truth , our common truth , to realize that faith and prey are as essential to the being as food and water on both an individual level and also an on planetary level . Truth is one paths are many , to see a 12 year old in a wealthy country go off to school and inturn to see a 12 year old go off to school in a poor nation - intruth there is little difference , there construct is different , but there story the same - they both have to deal with the local bully - they both must learn fractions . Truth is one paths are many.

If we as one Holistic species see our trinity on an individual level then the realization of this Holistic trinity on a planetary level , stands to follow like domimo's . Its happening right now as you read this .

Spark to Flame

praise the Lord

peace jjakh

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hope ya all had a great weekend and recorded all the glory ideas , however silly ,
business , business , business ,
hope all going well , if not keep it all ,

peace jjakh

p.s Don't know how those recipes from Jupitor are going ? incorporte Farmed Salmon , mash no pepper ,

p.s.s Wash after passing , don't know bout you folk , but usually burnes skin of Higher Acarna , revolution already underway.

peace jjakh

its a long way to the top if ya wanna rock and roll, why is it that people , close people, insist on stealing light and energy that one works so hard to generate. its the f***. yoga as dance if fantastic and truelly liberating to the soul but can be hazar